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Long gone are the days when you simply had to pull a slot machine handle and wait for the reels to stop spinning to discover whether you had won or lost when playing! For there are so many different and entertaining slots available these days no matter where you choose to play them.

To help you make sense of the many different types of slots, and the many various playing environments available, we have dedicated this entire website to guiding you through the ever evolving and changing slot machine playing world!

If you are an avid player then we invite you to spend as much time as you like looking through our website which is going to be of great interest to you, and not only that but we have several casino sites to showcase to you that are going to be offering every slot player a first class and entertaining playing session whenever you log onto those casinos.

Types of Slot Machines

slot machines and chipsLet us begin by taking a look at the many different types of slot machines and games you will have access to either online or at a mobile casino site.  Please do read through the overviews of each of the following categories as there will be many games listed below that we just know you will enjoy playing.

Classic Slots.  With just one pay line, three stepper reels and the option of placing a wager of one, two or three coins on that pay line you will find the very basic types of slots you can play are of the classic variety.

These games offer a fast play type of playing session and they rarely come with any bonus games or bonus features. However, wild symbols and wild multiplier symbols can be found on many classic slots to help increase your winning chances.

3 Reel Slot Games.  Moving on from the classic games, you will find some slightly more advanced 3 reel slots, whilst these types of slot machines share the three stepper reel design of the classic style of games you will often find.  They come with multiple, yet optional pay lines, so many people consider them to be more exciting to play.

Video Slot Machines.  Video slots offer five video reels, a huge number of fixed or optional pay lines and when playing them you can trigger bonus games and also a range of base game features. If you want a fun filled slot machines playing experience, then checkout this section of our website that is dedicated to video slots as there will be plenty of them for you to get stuck into playing!

AWP and Fruit Machines.  AWP stands for Amusement with Prizes, and these slot machines are often loving referred to as fruit machines by many players. What makes these three reel type of games very appealing is that they have a massive number of bonus games and bonus features many of which can all trigger during one single spin!

Progressive Slots – It will not escape your notice when you first come across a progressive game, just how huge the jackpots on offer can grow to.  If you are ever after a playing session on which you could win a life changing jackpot then there is no doubt in our mind that the progressive slot machines will be giving you just such a chance!

Fixed Odd Slot Machines – A small number of unique fixed odds slot games are also to be found online and in some casino apps, and what sets these games apart from more traditional games, is that there is always going to be a winning combination spun in on each spin you play.  Having said his, you will have had to have placed a bet on that winning combination before you are paid out any winnings.

Playing Environments

You will always have access to slot machines these days, for whilst you may enjoy visiting a land based casino, gaming venue or even an amusement arcade, you can play online from the comfort of your own home or even on a mobile device.

Online Slots – Both downloadable and instant play gaming platforms are going to be available to you if you want to play slots on any type of computer or laptop, and with there being thousands of individual games available online you are guaranteed of being able to find exactly the types of slot games you love playing the most!

Land Based Slot Machines – One thing that we have noticed over the last few years is that many of the companies who design and supply land based gaming venues and casinos with their range of slot machines have also made those slots available to online and mobile players too. So all of your favourite slots will be accessable in either of those two playing environments too!

Mobile Slot Games – You can download a casino or app directly onto your mobile or tablet device and by doing so you will be able to pick and choose just which slots you wish to play either for free or in a real money playing environment.

Slot Bonus Features

Playing some of the very latest fruit machines will see you having the chance of triggering all manner of unique base game features, bonus games and even have the chance of winning a randomly awarded bonus game or progressive jackpot.

Below you will find some of the most popular and most commonly awarded features and main bonus games which we will be covering in much more detail throughout our website.

slot machines bonuses
A Bonus Activating Winning Spin

Free Spins – The one bonus game that many slot players love triggering is a set of free spins, for when they do so they have a good chance of winning big.  Just how much is normally determined by how many free spins they are awarded with and the size of the multipliers attached to each free spin.

One of the best things about free spins, is that most slot machines that offer this feature, will also give the opportunity to re-trigger the free spins…  this is often when the big bucks start flying in.

Pick and Win – There is nothing complicated about playing off a pick and win bonus game, for once awarded to you then you will simply need to select a location off the bonus game screen to click on to reveal a cash prize or some form of additional bonus games or a bonus feature.

Wheel Spins – Many players love playing slot machines on which every now and then or in fairly quick succession they can trigger a wheel spinning based bonus game.

Whilst some of those bonus games will simply award a set number of coins depending on which segment of the bonus wheel you spin in, some slot games could award you with free spins, additional bonus games or even a progressive jackpot!

Pick and Match – Once you trigger a pick and match feature, which you will often do when you get a set of bonus symbols spinning in from left to right, then you will be faced with picking off a set of symbols displayed on the bonus game screen and each one you click on will reveal another symbol or set of coins.

When you get a matching set of symbols when playing off a pick and match bonus game, you are then awarded with the corresponding prize, which in some instances could lead to a progressive jackpot being triggered.

Wild Reel Features – Slots which have an All Pays or All Ways type of playing structure will often come with a randomly awarded base game featured known as a Wild Reel feature, when triggered you will see up to five reels being covered entirely in wild symbols so the chance of huge winning payout will always be on offer once those Wild Reel features start coming your way.

Slot Machines Bonuses and Promotions

You will be able to make use of a huge array of different bonuses, promotional offers and will also be earning real money comps when playing slots online or via a mobile casino app, and as such you will not be losing out when switching your gaming action over from a land based playing environment.

If you enjoy playing slots for free but want to have the chance of winning real money then look out for the no deposit bonuses, the one-hour free play bonuses and also the many freeroll slot tournaments available to players.

In fact, do take a look through some of our individual casino site reviews, for you will also find some unique and exclusive new player sign up bonuses which can include no deposit free spins and by making use of those free spins you can win real money!

So that’s it for our introduction.  We hope you enjoy the rest of the site and have the best-of-luck when spinning.