3 Reel Slot Games  

Not many players are attracted to playing the 3 reel slot games available at many online casino sites, for it does have to be said that in regards to the design of those type of slot games they are a little basic when you compare them to some of the video slots!

However, we do know there are a fairly large number of players who are going to be interested in playing some of the more standard and basic slot games and those players will certainly find nothing complicated about playing 3 reel slots online.

Below you will find an overview of just what 3 reel slot games will be offering you so please read on, and if you do like what you read you are always welcome to play them for free to see if they are what you are looking for!

Simple Playing Structure – You are never going to get confused when playing any 3 reel slot game online, for there are, as the name of these slot games do imply just three mechanical stepper reels attached to each of them and the number of paylines you can activate and put into play will often be very low in number.

That does of course mean that they are both low cost slots to play online and are also easy slots to keep track of in regards to each of the pay lines you do have in live play!

No Bonus Features of Games – You will rarely if ever find a 3 reel slot game offering multiple paylines that offers any type of bonus games or bonus features, however some of the single line classic type of three reel slots could have a very basic type of bonus game you can trigger.

However, with no bonus games or bonus features likely to be triggered you are going to get to play off a huge number of spins per session when playing them, so you will soon know you fate in regards to whether the next spin will be a winning or losing one!

High RTP’s – The best slot games to play no matter what type of slot games you enjoy playing the most are always going to be the ones on which a high payout percentage is on offer.

Things to keep in mind if and when you start playing 3 reel slot game sis that the payout percentages are often at their highest when you play for either maximum coin or maximum payline spins. However, the RTP information is now usually displayed on the pay table of each slot or on the website of the casino you are playing at, or even in a slot games help files too.

Uniquely Themed – Even though 3 reel slots are all similar what you will find is that the vast majority of them do come with their own theme, and as such the backdrop and the reel symbols will all be different whenever you decide to give them a whirl online.

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