6 Types of Slot Players You Will Come Across at The Slot Machines

Watching people is a favourite pass time for many. And, the best place to witness different types of people from many walks of life is undoubtedly at the casino.

People come here to have fun, loosen up a little bit, and to see if they can get lucky playing slot machines.

Some people are really easy going, while some are impatient and outright rude.

Here’s a list of few people you’ll definitely bump into when you go to a casino to try your luck!

#1-The Machine Banger

As the name suggests, these are the ones who hit the spin button with ultimate force so that it shakes up the whole machine. You’ll be able to hear this even when you are about three rows away.

What’s worse is that, they handle the older machines with a much greater force by pulling down the lever with all their strength, making some really annoying noise to make you want to leave the place immediately!

#2-The Machine Beaters

This one is quite similar to the one mentioned above, but they tend to play with alleviated anger.

Instead of hitting the spin button with open hand they punch it with a clenched fist. Imagine that!

If they lose a spin, then you can even witness them kicking the base of the machine or slapping the display panel.

Be prepared to even hear some profanity, along with some violence!

How to stop this kind? Well, you can only hope for an injury and them going off to seek some medical help.

#3-The Talker

This is one of a kind as they keep talking to you even while you are playing. They will ask you all sorts of questions including where you are from, what you do and even what each one in your family does.

The best way to handle them is either answering in syllables or completely ignoring them. This will hopefully send them signals that you’re not interested in talking and they will hopefully walk away.

Some might even talk to you about their family issues, while others may brag to you a about their experience at the casino.

Investing in a pair of good ear plugs may come in handy!

#4-The Smoker

If you are a non-smoker, you really need to be careful of this kind.

Sometimes, they do not have any courtesy and even move their ash tray next to your machine while playing.

Even though the casinos are ventilated appropriately, the smoke might enter your system. Instead of arguing about the negatives and explaining to them, it is better to leave the place quietly.

#5-The Group Players

They are the most annoying and rude kind as you will be dealing with multiple people.

If you watch them closely, you’ll notice that only one will be paying and playing, while the others are just cheering.

They are extremely noisy, loud, and keep jumping even at the slightest possibility of winning.

There are times when friends or family occupy the systems on either side of the machine where the actual player is playing. After a point of time, they get bored and leave the place eventually.

#6-The Novice

They don’t have the slightest clue of what they are playing. They assume it is all right to learn it on the go and lean towards your machine every few seconds to ask about what to do next or what a particular thing means.

The easiest way to avoid is either shrugging them off or instructing some unwanted moves, which will lead to a loss.

So, have you noticed any of these kinds on your slot playing spree?

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