Adult Swim Games Introduces Area 777 Slot

Area777 SlotAdult Swim Games already has an impressive portfolio of online games under its belt and they have added Area 777 as part of their latest slots. The company has already released blockbuster slots such as Monster Ate My Condo and Robot Unicorn Attack.

Adult Swim has certain signature style such as unique themes, polished presentation, and simple, yet appealing graphics. Area 777 hasn’t deviated from their successful formula with this slot as well!

The Innovative Theme of Area 777 Slot

Area 777 slot has an alien theme with an interesting twist. The basic story revolves around aliens who are here to invade. You need to stop them against the magical gambling power.

You need to intelligently play your magic chip though. You can burn down an alien or put them in a black hole through these chips. The theme is extremely engaging, and you will surely have loads of fun!

Play Area 777 Slot for Free

This is a game, which can be played for free. You can also invest a little if you want. Since this is a free game, you will see adverts appearing on the screen once in a while.

The game will not directly ask you to purchase tokens, but if you do decide to purchase them, the conversion rate isn’t that great. You get 100 coins for free while choosing your map. This information, however, is not revealed anywhere. The free coins burns up very fast so, it is advised that you take it slow chip-wise.

The Appealing Design of Area 777 Slot

Area 777 has simple graphics, but they are very clear and clutter free. The sound effects are amazing. There are sounds to capture every moment of the game.

Every action has some sort of audio feedback. If you win a risky gamble, the audio will communicate it to you. You will definitely feel your adrenaline rushing as you progress in the game!

The only disappointing thing, though is the fact that you will only win tokens. Some more characters or symbols would have made this whole game more interesting!

Critics Speak…

Area 777 is a great slot if you are just starting out playing slot games. For the professionals though, there is nothing much. Beyond the simple pleasure of an innovative slot game, there is very little to look forward to.

You are neither awarded in employing your strategy nor does the plot change drastically. That being said, this game is addictive and you will certainly love it if you have no intention of using your money.

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