Age of Discovery Slot

Age of DiscoveryIf you are a fan of going to new lands and exploring new places all by yourself, you will certainly love this slot game called Age of Discovery.

Developed by Microgaming, this game is designed for the explorers who love to see the world on their own terms. The game’s theme is set in the 15th to 17th century, and hence, it has an ancient look and feel to it.

The aim of this slot is to find the mysterious treasure hidden in the islands. You’ll need to combat various obstacles on the way and make your way to the islands. However, you can get help from your allies and they will bring you some good luck and bonus games as well.

If you play the slot right, you’ll also be treated to mini treasures on the way. As you begin the game, you will find yourself amid some exciting adventure!

The Adventurous Game Features!

Age of Discovery is a five reel slot with 25 pay lines. It is not a progressive slot, but has a lot of fun features waiting to be explored. The maximum jackpot you can win here is a huge $ 30,000 which is a lot of money to win on any slot game!

You also have some exciting wild symbols on your way to crack down the treasure. While playing the Age of Discovery slot, you’ll also get access to a bonus game. However, this slot does not have any scatter symbols or free spins.

The Bold Game Theme of Age of Discovery!

The theme is based on adventures in water. In the olden days that was the only means to travel and reach a destination.

Age of Discovery slot celebrates 200 years of 15th to 17th century. Its graphics and visuals remind you of the good old days. They will take you back in time and you can soak in the scenic beauty from the comfort of your own home.

The Fabulous Symbols of Age of Discovery!

The symbols are marine-related. You’ll also come across a lot of fruits on your journey to discovering new land.

Some of the icons in the game include Bananas, a Compass to help you go in the right direction, Pomegranates, Avocados, Dragons, Figs and much more. The Golden Coin and the Dragon act as the wild symbols and they help you win more money in your quest!

The Final Verdict!

In today’s modern times, it is quite refreshing to find a game that actually takes you back in time and lets you experience a marvellous adventure!

Age of Discovery has been meticulously designed to keep the theme intact. Right from the symbols to the overall look and feel, this slot screams adventure all the way.

The idea of discovering a lost treasure is extremely exciting and it makes you want to try it out.

It can be played with $125 as the maximum bet and that is truly commendable for those who want to win some large amount of money!

Start playing Age of Discovery and enjoy your expedition!

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