All Slots Casino Celebrations in October 2015!

The popularity of slot machines from the time of their inception in the brick and mortar casinos are quite well known to need fresh mention. Online incarnation of the slot games is no less popular and online slot games enjoy the highest patronage among the fans of the casino games. This has resulted in newer slot games in fascinating themes to be introduced from time to time by the game designers.

Ruling the Casinos

Online casinos therefore, offer the latest and the very best slot games to retain the interest of the users. Adaptation of slot games to various new themes is one of the prime reasons for the slot games to capture the imagination of the users. Thus, there are slot games in genres ranging from mythology, fiction, shooting and adventure. In their bid to stay above the competition, online casinos try to offer the maximum number of exciting slot games. All slots Casino have opted for offering the latest Greek mythological game now to firmly maintain their leadership position in the world of online slots.

All Slots Casino Promotion

A heady mix of Greek mythology and Halloween culture is the central plans of All Slots casino to firm up their pole position for the month of October. Based on these styles, All Slots casino has featured the promos for the month. The game chosen for the purpose at All Slots casino is the Titans of the Sun. Origin of the Titans of Sun could be traced to the Greek mythology. The fascinating story of the son and daughter of mother earth and father sky is traced in the slot game to keep the players interested.

5 Reel Slot Games

Titans of the Sun have been developed as a 15 pay line slot game, which has five reels. Basically, two slot games under the titles-Hyperion and the Titans of the Sun are available in this category. To make the game appealing, the scatter symbol allotted is the dancing of Hyperion and Theia, while the Titans of Sun form the wild symbol. When the scatter symbol appears on the screen, players get the advantage of 15 free spins that they can play with.

The Novelty

To ring in the novelty, All Slots casino has introduced a mystery symbol for the first time, besides the wild and scatter symbols. The mystery symbol is intended to provide a better winning chance to the players. Here, whenever the mystery symbol, Sun appears, it immediately changes to another symbol. Such an element has made the new slot game highly entertaining and has increased the chance of players to win.

Sweepstakes at all Slots

Whooping prize money offers have been announced at All Slots casino as promo for the month of October. Four bonus draws for every week of the month has been announced at the All Slots casino, with each draw offering as much as $25,000 as prize money. This promo has drawn all players to play real money games at All Slots casino to be eligible for the promos.

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