Alley Cats Slot

Alley CatsIs bowling your favourite sport and cat your favourite animal?

Imagine a combination of the two where you can enjoy watching cats bowl! Sounds too good to be true, right?

However, Microgaming has been able to combine the two and bring Alley Cats slot to all their slot players. This game has been designed to bring in lots of luck your way along with some cute cats that come to your screen. If you are a cat person, this is one game you surely can’t miss out on!

The Exciting Game Features of Alley Cats Slot!

Alley Cats slot is all about bowling. It consists of five reels and has nine pay lines. It is a non-progressive game, but has lot of interesting wild symbols, scatter symbols, multipliers and free spins.

If your main objective is to enjoy the gaming experience, while making some money on the side, then this game is surely meant for you.

You can win up to $50,000 while playing Alley Cats slot. This is certainly a neat amount to get you started immediately!

The Fabulous Theme of Alley Cats Slot!

The theme revolves around some really cool and happening cats who bowl, along with you to make your evening full of fun and frolic.

Some of the cats are really cute and grin cutely at you when win some money in the game!

The game is brilliantly designed for new and as well experienced users. You can easily navigate all around the game. You will also love the jazz music in the background, and thoroughly enjoy every bit of the game once you start playing it.

The Various Symbols of Alley Cats Slot!

The fatter the cat on your screen, the bigger is your prize!

So look out for well-fed cats that will come your way. They are the gateway for your good luck!

The bowling cat is one of the best cats in the game who also comes along with a small jackpot for you.

The logo of Alley Cats is the winning symbol and you can make a lot of money if you have five of these on your screen. Since the game is all about bowling, Strike is one of the most powerful symbols on the screen. If you collect three or more of these, you get a chance to win free spins as well.

So look out for the Strike symbol and celebrate your luck when you are rewarded with free spins!

The highest bet in the game is $45 and it starts with a mere $0.01. So depending on your budget, the game gives you massive opportunities to make money.

The Final Verdict!

The cuteness of the cats and the colourful backgrounds are something that you’ll adore. Even if you are not really fond of cats, Alley Cats slot will win over your heart.

Alley Cats slot is available at all the casinos that use the software offered by Microgaming.

Enjoy this game on a fine evening and it will turn out to be a truly memorable one!

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