An Insight in to the Japanese Styled Pachinko Machines!

Pachinko is basically a blend of pinball game and automated slot machine. The machine is an origin of Japan and has been designed after the pinball games that were played earlier.

In Japan, Pachinko machines are the most preferred pastime for people. It’s also common in other parts of Asia too, especially Taiwan.

There are mainly three types of Pachinko machines that you need to be aware of before starting to play on any. All these types have been discussed in this article.

Different Types of Pachinko Machines

Hanemono Pachinko

This type of machine gained much popularity in 1970s, but is still available in the game parlours. Since a player needs to have talent of scoring correctly and winning playing on these machines, they are considered to be very similar to the pinball machines.

In the Hanemono style of machine, additional holes are opened when a gamer hits on the particular areas of the machine.

You will get the smallest jackpot while playing on Hanemono, but it can prove to be really good if you are trying it for the first time.

Diji-Pachi Machines

Right from the times of Hanemono, Diji-Pachi machines also came in to existence. Here, the digital screen in the middle rolls numbers like a slot machine does.

The numbers fall in their style and anywhere in the game to make the best winning combinations for the players to win.

You can get a bonus with the winning combinations, and the payout will also increase with every winning combination.


No doubt, this is the rarest type of pachinko machine, which is not seen everywhere. Only knowledgeable players can grasp the rules of this game and only the serious gamblers can play it.

In fact, some of the versions increase your chances of winning succeeding rounds by ten times when you win the initial round.

In the beginning, the chances of winning may be a little less, but it will develop, as you move on playing it.

Features of Pachinko Machines

The most significant feature of these machines is the artistic design and theme. The initial version of these machines were actually carved and painted, but they have been customised to accommodate any theme or character in the modern times.

Pachinko designs usually consist of the famous characters of the Japanese comics and films. Even the legendary figures and animals are also used to keep the interest of the players together.

To add on, these machines are brightly coloured and feature amazing sound effects, animation and lights.

In Japan and some other areas of Asia, you can find Pachinko parlours very easily. It can be a great pastime for casual players, and can be used as a great source of income for the serious gamblers.

In fact, Pachinko admirers are into selling and trading of vintage styled machines. You are sure to get addicted to these machines and their games once you have tried them. They can be the most productive pastime, as they will let you earn too.

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