Are Slot Machines the ‘Crack Cocaine’ of Gambling?

Have you ever thought why online casinos are a big time addiction? or Why slot machine gambling is considered the ‘crack cocaine’ addiction?

With the advent of the most modern slot machines, online gambling has become the most usual pastime for many people. People can spend hours or days playing the online slots.

Intermittent Reinforcement

In the present world, psychological behaviourists have used the term, intermittent reinforcement for the use of slot machines.

The term simply means that a winning hand on a slot machine happens only sometimes. The behaviourists explain this kind of reinforcement to be very effective and powerful, as the player is rewarded only at specific levels.

Thus, it results into an addictive reaction and gives rise to obsession. When an individual gets reward only sometimes, it creates an obsessive reaction in them.

How Dopamine Develops an Addiction?

Various studies have revealed that neurotransmitter dopamine acts as a catalyst in developing an addiction of gambling.

In other words, dopamine can also be named as a ‘feel good’ chemical, according to the scientific facts.

When a players plays on the slot machine, the spinning reels and illusions of pattern stimulates the dopamine in the mind making the player more curious about the game.

The gambling addicts believe that they are addicted to the money earned in gambling, but the truth is, they are mostly addicted to the action. The action that is caused by the rush of dopamine makes an individual feel pleasure and powerful.

An Active Role of Dopamine

This neurotransmitter is influential enough to create an addiction in a person. The studies have even revealed that there was an increased gambling addiction in people suffering from Parkinson’s disease when they were given dopamine.

These people showed a great interest in slot machine gambling, that ultimately, became an addiction. Furthermore, the level of this addiction decreased when the dosage of dopamine to these patients was stopped.

Why Gambling Addiction is Referred to as Crack Cocaine?

  • Crack cocaine and slot machine gambling are compared with each other due to the immediate progression of the addiction. It is to be noted that a person can hit absolute devastation and despair with the addiction of slot machine. This addiction accelerates very quickly as compared to other forms.
  • Further, both forms of addiction can give rise to despair, despondency and debasement due to their intensity.

The slot machine gambling is known to be the most addictive gambling because these machines are intentionally designed by the psychologists to seduce people.

The graphics, sound effects and features of slot machines are attractive enough to keep the interest intact, while the bonus video slots make a person curious to earn money.

The availability of ATM machines in the close proximity of the machine again encourages players to continue playing, while requirement of little skill or no skill to play the games does not restrict the player to play.

Furthermore, your adrenaline keeps on pumping with the speed of machines and play. Hence, slot machines are often referred to as crack cocaine in the gambling industry.

Too much of anything is never good. Similarly, being addicted to playing slot games not only makes you weak, but also affects your financial condition. If you know anyone who may be a victim of an addiction to slot games, then you may want to help them quickly before it gets any worse!

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