Are You One of the People who Believe in the Myths Surrounding Slot Machines? Well, You Could be Far from the Truth!

The fact exists that despite the popularity of online slot machine games, people still have certain misconceptions associated with these games.

However, debunking these myths and clearing one’s doubts about the functioning of these games is necessary in order to play them smoothly and enjoy their winnings.

Here are a few common myths that have been doing the rounds. You may choose to believe them or you may choose to focus on the truth!

Myth #1

A different player hits the jackpot on the machine previously relinquished by you. The jackpot could have been yours for the picking if you had continued with the game.


The number calculation in a slot machine is done continuously by Random Number Generator (RNG), irrespective of the fact whether a game is underway on the machine or not. It is a perennial process!

When a player starts playing, the combination of numbers at that particular point of time is picked up by the machine and if the player had continued the game on the machine, chances of freezing the RNG at that particular second to arrest the specific combination of numbers as those of the winner are slim.

In order to get the winning combination, the first player and the winning player would be required to press the play button in 1/1000th part of a second i.e. at precisely the same time.

As you’ll notice, this is a highly unlikely scenario!

Myth #2

The odds of winning can be predicted through the counting of symbols on every wheel.


For every individual spin of a wheel, a different number is generated by the RNG. This number is related to the symbols on the reel.

Even though lesser symbols are visible, there are chances of hundreds of virtual stops on every reel. Millions of such combinations can be generated, which is why large payouts can be disbursed by online slot machines.

The player sees 15 reels and arranges the odds in the order of 15x15x15 i.e 1:3,375.

However, one does not visualise the virtual stops, which can exceed 100 per reel. At the rate of 100 per reel, the odds can be flabbergasting-100x100x100 or 1:1,000,000!

Myth #3

Percentage payouts can be tampered by casinos.


Percentage payouts cannot be altered by casinos. They are already set and cannot be changed.

Payouts are determined by computer chips embedded in online slot machines, which set the pay back percentage.

If a particular casino is bent on changing a payback, it will have to initiate changes to the chip, a highly impossible scenario as online gaming regulators have set strict rules and regulations for its prevention.

The player needs to make a thorough inspection of the payback before playing and ensure that they possess the best payback before they start playing.

The player should test his luck on online slot machines with payouts of 95% or more.

Myth #4

A jackpot is certain by playing on online slot machines, which have not doled out any winnings.


Every spin on an online slot machine is not connected to the previous spin and is completely random in nature.

The propensity of a machine to hand out winnings is in no way related to the length of time it has gone without handing out any wins to players.

A top jackpot may be out of reach for a lengthy period of time. The programmed payoff percentage can be maintained by giving out smaller wins.

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