Arlington Heights Horse Racing Track Surprises Everyone with Their Decision!

Arlington Heights, one of the most popular horse racing tracks, has recently been in the news because of its decision to welcome table games.

Slot machines are already a part of it, but it now wishes to add table games too.

Earlier, the proposal for introducing 1,200 slot machines was declared, but the lawmakers are now looking to handle the budget troubles of the state.

General Manager, Tony Petrillo of the horse racing track mentions that the table games including Craps and Blackjack will definitely elevate the amount of cash gambling submits to the state in taxes.

He says that the state is anticipated to perform much better with this change and he has met the company that is interested to invest more than $100 million in the operation.

Further, it will be great if a company can contribute back to the state in terms of taxes, he remarks.

In the Words of Various Officials…

In fact, State Senator, Matt Murphy who is a Palatine Republican has confirmed the plan to add table games in the track. He adds that the track is required to bring about this addition in order to keep up the competition and it will be similar to the restaurants and bars that have video gambling machines.

However, it is still unsure whether it will be approved by the lawmakers or not, as there have been gambling proposals that were not signed into law earlier.

State representative, Bob Rita, who is an expansion supporter and Blue Island Democrat, says that it is not at all a small change to bring about.

Effects of the Change

If Arlington will introduce table games and slot machines, then the revenue of nearby casinos like Grand Victoria and casino in Des Plaines will get severely affected.

Racetracks will become a full blown casino if table games are introduced in them, says Director of Illinois Casino Gaming Association, Tom Swoik.

On the other hand, State Senator, Terry Link who is a Waukegan Democrat is in support of expanding gambling in Illinois.

The Senator did not comment on what the proposal might end up with. She says, “It’s a house of cards. If you pull one card out everything goes tumbling. And that’s what I’m trying to prevent.”

Further, Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel is seen focusing on downtown Chicago casino, but Terry has made it clear that law providing only a Chicago casino will never be approved.

Petrillo further adds that the state is in need of revenue at present and it is only this bill that can tackle the situation.

Arlington Heights Mayor, Tom Hayes, has also remarked that he is against the proposal and will look into the matter keenly.

He says that nobody can define the track as a casino if it has slot machines and table games. A casino is a separate building with all the gambling options available through the year.

Therefore, the debate is still going on and nothing concrete has been established. Some officials are still against the proposal, while some are working hard to enforce it at the earliest.

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