Astronomical Slot

AstronomicalFeel like taking a trip to the outer space? If you like the galaxies, comets and the stars, you’ll surely love the brand new slot game developed by Microgaming.

Aptly named Astronomical, it totally lives up to its name and gives you a view of the outer space from the comfort of your home.

The game is all about the sci-fi world, and it revolves around the beautiful galaxies that everyone’s a part of. It is a classic slot game with extremely simple features that make it a cakewalk for even a new player to start playing immediately.

The Starry Theme of Astronomical Slot!

Astronomical slot is all about astronomy, stars and galaxies. It is a free trip to the outer space with some great music along the way.

You’ll get to experience some wonderful sound effects, creative graphics and play on a beautiful game screen when you decide to give this slot a shot. The best part about Astronomical is that it is designed with lot of simplicity, which makes it a great game for everyone.

The Out of the World Features of Astronomical Slot!

Astronomical slot is a three-reel, non-progressive game with a single pay line.

The maximum coins jackpot in Astronomical is 8,000 and the maximum cash jackpot is $40,000.

This is really good money for those who like to win every time they play. The chances of winning may not be as good as a game with many pay lines, but it still gives you lots of opportunities to win some really big money along the way.

The game has wild symbols and multipliers, but does not have scatter symbols. Since there are no scatter symbols, you also don’t get any free spins in the game. There is also no bonus game in Astronomical.

However, the other fun aspects of the game pretty much make up for the lack of a bonus game. The betting range is from $0.25 to $15 and you can use three coins per line in this game.

The Brilliant Symbols of Astronomical Slot!

In order to maintain the theme of outer space, the symbols have been accordingly designed by Microgaming.

Each symbol is attractive and unique in its own way. The regular symbols that you’ll come across are of various bars-bar, double bar and triple bar, along with cherries in the game.

You also have planets and logo symbols – the logo is the wild and multiplier in the game and you need to look out for this one as it will give you a lot of cash prizes.

The Final Verdict

Astronomical slot strikes a perfect balance between classic and modern slot games. It is one of the best games in the category of three-reel slots, and it brings a lot of prize money to its players.

It is creatively designed and yet, it has a beautiful touch of simplicity, which makes it an ideal slot for all kinds of players.

If you want to take a walk on the moon or experience outer space, this is your chance!

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