Atomic 8s Slot

Atomic 8sIf you want power on your screen combined with some atomic energy to create some magic, play the Atomic 8s slot.

With so many slot games in the market, players are often confused about the ones that will make them feel happy and get them money as well. For slot game players, themes, graphics and sounds play an important role while choosing the game since they are defining moments in the game.

A good slot game must complement its theme and revolve not just around winning, but also around making it a fun experience for the players without any hassles along the way. Microgaming has kept this in mind while creating Atomic 8s slot.

The game is a great way to indulge in some extreme power and fun, while making some great money as well. The game is a mix of classic and modern slot, since it has the look and feel of the traditional slots, but the features of the latest slot games.

The seamless integration of both makes it a winning combination.

The Explosive Theme of Atomic 8s!

The theme is exactly what the name suggests, atomic energy and power. For those who enjoy science and the power of technology, this one is a perfect slot for you!

It has the traditional slot symbols like cherries and bars along with some flames to add to the power and some great wild and scatter symbols as well.

The design is colourful, vibrant and creative and the music is truly complementary to the theme. Overall, it has been created to keep a balance between classic and modern, and Microgaming has done a brilliant job in creating this game!

The Stunning Features of Atomic 8s!

This is a five-reel, 9 pay lines slot game. You can play for money and even for fun! If you decide to invest some money in the game, you can be assured of some great returns along the way.

The coin bet range is from 0.01 to 1 and the maximum bet is 90 in this game. It is meant for all kinds of players and bettors. It doesn’t really matter if your budget is low or high, you can still enjoy playing Atomic 8s.

The Vibrant Symbols of Atomic 8s!

Since the game has maintained its classic look and feel, you will find a lot of classic symbols in the game.

There are also some wild symbols, which is the Fiery Atomic logo. This replaces the other symbols on your screen and increases your odds of winning.

The Radioactive symbol is the scatter symbol. There are no free spins or bonus games in Atomic 8s.

Atomic 8s is a simple and classy game meant for all kinds of players-low or high risk takers. The theme is powerful and energetic and it takes you to an entirely different level while playing. The money is good and the design is great.

Overall, Atomic 8s is a fun game to try out when you’re looking to make some money while having some fun.

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