AWP and Fruit Machines  

If you come across an online casino site offering you AWP machines and Fruit Machines they are all exactly the same type of slot game, which are based around the types of low stake slots found in venues all over the UK.

AWP stands for amusement with prizes and the unique design of these slot games is such that when playing them you are going to find they offer a bonus game and bonus featured packed type of playing structure which is going to amuse you and keep you rather busy playing off those bonus features and bonus rounds!

Below we have highlighted several different aspects to playing both AWP and Fruit Machines that are likely to appeal to many slot players who look for and demand high action slot games online!

3 Stepper Reels – You will often find you can quickly identify a Fruit Machine or AWP as they are designed as three reel slots the types which come with the stepper reels. There is often only going to be one single payline spread over the centre of those three reels, however a handful of these types of slot games may offer you more than one payline per spin.

High Frequency Bonus Features – The base game bonus features are going to be awarded to you very, very frequently with the most commonly awarded ones being a set of nudges which you can use to move the reels downwards one position at a time to help you occasionally complete a winning combination.

Holds are another base game features that is frequently awarded and when they are you can hold any of the reels into position for the next spin you then play off.

Regularly Awarded Bonus Games – The main bonus games on Fruit Machines and AWP’s are highly entertaining and will often be based around a bonus board, the aim of playing off the bonus board will be for you to make it onto the higher paying positions on the board!

Low Staking Options – There are no high stake Fruit Machines available online as they all tend to be low to medium stake games and with one single payline often being on offer you will find they are low cost yet highly entertaining online slot games to play.

Higher RTP’s than Land Based Machines – The one thing that often puts slot players off playing Fruit Machines in land based gaming venues in the UK is that the payout percentages are often set terribly low, and it is not unheard of for you to find payout percentages set as low as 72% on land based Fruit Machines.

However, by switching over your play on those machines to the online playing environment you are going to find the long term expected RTP’s are way higher often in the high 90% ranges, and as such you will get even more play time from your money and many more winning payouts will be coming your way when you choose to play them online!

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