Bars and Stripes Slot

Bars and StripesWith a jackpot of maximum 50,000 coins, Bars and Stripes is a five reel video slot, which has 25 bet lines. The betting ranges from $0.01 to $1, and you can place a maximum coin bet of up to $250.

This Microgaming slot is totally based on the theme of America and all things American. It is a fun slot, which contains various symbols that remind you of the nation, such as the Eagle, Hot Dogs, the famous Statue of Liberty, Fries and Burger, Roasted Turkey, Cold Beer, Apple Pie and also Oreo Cookies.

Bars and Stripes slot resembles is an ideal game for beginners as well as experienced people. If you are not experienced enough and wish to master this slot, you can bet with small amounts to practice until you’re confident enough to start betting higher. No doubt that the higher the bets, the riskier and more thrilling the game!

You also have the freedom to trigger any pay line during any round. A good thing about this slot is that it gives you a Practice Mode. You can practice in this mode until you’re ready to start betting some real money.

Stars and Stripes-The Wild Symbol!

This video slot has Stars and Stripes as the wild symbol. Activated pay lines are completed by the wild symbol. This symbol doubles the value of winning pay lines.

It can be substituted with all the symbols, except the bonus and scatter symbols. You can win a total of up to 5,000 coins if you happen to land the wild symbols.

American Football-The Scatter Symbol!

An American Football is the scatter symbol in this slot machine game. If you manage to collect three or more scatter symbols, then you are sure to win big bucks. If you collect five American Footballs appearing anywhere on the reels, you’ll win 200 times of the amount that you had bet!

The Bonus Game of Bars and Stripes Slot!

What is more important than winning with the scatter symbols s is winning with Uncle Sam’s hats. These hats are the bonus scatter symbols. You need to collect three or more than three of these hats anywhere on the reels, and you are ready to start the bonus game.

The bonus game is about picking the right hats because under them you will find coins. You will have to choose the hats of your choice to disclose the number of coins under them.

The bonus feature pays off big money. The craziest part about this Bonus is that it has a total of 47,500 coins below one of them. There is no minimum or maximum bet limit to play the bonus. You need to collect the hats and you are ready to go!

The Final Verdict

Although there are no free spins in Bars and Stripes, there are numerous opportunities to gain additional credits and points. Overall, this slot will remind you of America through and through. If you’d like to experience the American way, play Bars and Stripes today!

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