BetVision Launches New Gambling Site in Association with TGP Europe Limited

BetVisionBetVision is considered to be a pioneer in the online gambling industry. This new platform has been built from the expertise that was gained after designing JenningsBet.

JenningsBet is one of the leading bookmakers and has been around from 1961. BetVision was eyeing an opportunity to associate with quality suppliers, partners, operators and content provider for a long time. This association will surely help the company build a flexible and dynamic gaming platform.

In a recent development it was revealed that TGP Europe Limited, Europe’s leading casino maker has launched an innovative gambling site in association with BetVision.

Both the companies have a common base-Isle of Man. This will surely be advantageous for both the partners. TGP has a very special set of skill sets. It can custom-fit links for most back-end operations. They also supply affiliate software to many companies around the globe.

The new website will be hosted on the TGP platform, which is planning to do something spectacular to gain the attention of the players. TGP is planning a sports book, which will host more than 18,000 betting events on a weekly basis.

The mix is exciting since it has a portfolio that comprises of games ranging from slots, table games, live casino and instant games. The company is planning a mix of offerings where everybody will find something or the other to suit their tastes.

Glenda Quirk, Director, BetVision has stated that this company is thrilled and excited to enter the betting business with TGP as their partner. The director went on to say that TGP’s experience in the gambling industry and BetVision’s endeavour to do something new for their customer is going to make this combination work.

To ensure the success recipe, the company is extending a 100% welcome bonus to its new customers. Add to this, the awesome mobile compatible site that the company has designed to attract their customers will surely make this gambling site a preferred site for players around the globe.

BetVision has a range of services that it offers to its customers. Apart from online gambling, the company plans to launch some contests to attract the attention of the affiliates and the players.

There will be the usual promotionals offered to the players, which will be loaded with bonuses and free spins. The surprising package, however, is the inclusion of a five-day luxury trip to Monte Carlo to experience the Grand Prix.

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