Big Kahuna II slot

The Big Kahuna II slot is a 5 reel casino game with 9 playline. The game has theme of a tropical island. The game starts with a movie that introduces the players with the game. The graphics and sound effects are all related to the tropics theme. The whole presentation of the game revolves around the tropics, the jungle and its constituents. The highest jackpot that can be won is 800 coins.

How to play:

  • First the player should select the number of lines it wants to play on.
  • Then the number of coins it wants to play with
  • The player can play with a maximum of 45 coins and the coins value can range from $0.05 to $2.
  • Either go for auto play where reels start and stop spinning on its own
  • If auto play is not selected reel will have to be spun using the control button labeled as “spin”
  • Clicking on the spin button spins the reels and the features keep on scrolling in every reel
  • During this time the start button turns to stop
  • Spinning can be stopped by clicking the stop button anytime or wait until the reels stop automatically
  • When there are three or more symbols on consecutive reels points are added to winning amount
  • Once a win is awarded the symbols are removed from the screen.
  • There is one more chance after the removal of these symbols, if any more three consecutive symbols appear it is also considered a win

The symbols include the Big Kahuna Logo, Volcano, Kiwi, Monkey, Litchi, Orange, Watermelon, Raspberry, the Native Big Chief, Lizard mask and Pineapple.  Big Kahuna can be played at many of the top online casinos including Ladbrokes, and Red32.

Scatter symbol

The Monkey symbols acts as a scatter symbol and if two or more symbols appear on the reels they help win the scatter bonus which multiplies the winning depending on the number of times it has appeared.

Volcano Bonus:

If three or more volcano symbols appear on the reel and one of them should appear on the first reel in a particular spin a Volcano Bonus game is awarded to the player. Then masks appear and every mask has a different amount. The player has to keep choosing masks until a mask with ‘collect’ appears. All the amount revealed is added and accumulated in the winning amount.

Mask Bonus Game:

The Mask Bonus game is awarded to the player if three or more Mask symbols appear on a particular spin. Like the Volcano bonus, the first reel should contain a mask symbol. Then the player has to choose a fruit that it thinks will give the highest prize.

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