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Have you ever played Vegas styled casino slot machine games? If you have, then you probably know the thrills and larger wins involved in the game. If you fancy playing the Vegas styled casino slot games, then Gold Rush might just be up your alley. Gold Rush is a 3-reel slot machine game having the Vegas slot style and having 1 pay line.

Gold Rush is one of the latest and amazing creations from Net Entertainment and is sure to charm you with its vivacious and mind-blowing winning payouts. Gold Rush comes with high definition graphical representation that looks eye candy and amazing to see and the sound effects are too cool. The game comes for both free to play and can be played for real money too.

You can play the game in an instantly playable platform requiring no downloads, which is sure to attract more gamers into playing it. The Gold Rush video slot game offers fantastic payouts and the best part of the game is that it offers quite regular payouts to the players, which signifies that you do not have to wait long for churning out a win. Gold Rush slot machine game offers a lump sum progressive jackpot prize if a player happens to place at least the minimum wager of 3 coins. In Gold Rush slot game, the winning stake of the player depends on the combination of the symbols coming up on the win lines, the total values of the coin wagers and the total numbers of coin wager. To be precise, the total amount of the winning stake is evaluated by multiplying the number of coins put on wager and the value of the coins put on wager.

Coin Sizes:

The coin size in the Gold Rush slot machine game is fixed at the coin denomination of € 0.20 for each pay line wager and a player could place the maximum of 3 coins per wager line. The maximum jackpot offered is the progressive jackpot and the second maximum payout is 4800 coins.

Progressive Jackpot:

The progressive jackpot in the game can be played for the real money version and offers amazing payouts. Whenever a player plays the slot game, a small part of their wager is added to the progressive jackpots. The higher the players place the wager, the greater will be their winning stake. In order to be qualified for the progressive jackpot, a player needs to put on at least three wagers. If the player happens to amass 3 Gold symbols across the wager lines, he wins the Progressive jackpots.

Regular Game Symbols:

The regular game symbols in the Gold Rush slot machine game are Gold, Cherry, Seven Bar, Five Bar, and the Gold Truck. Each of the distinct symbols has distinct coin values and the winning is evaluated on the symbol showing up on the reel. This is a no risk slot machine game and makes it more convenient for the amateur players.

Combination Coin 1 Coin 2 Coin 3
3 Gold Symbols
On The Payline
2,400 4,800 Jackpot
3 Gold Symbols
Anywhere on the reels
1,000 2,000 3,000
3 Cherry Symbols 200 400 600
3 Seven Bar Symbols 40 80 120
3 Five Bar Symbols 20 40 60
3 Cherry Symbols
Anywhere on the reels
10 20 30
3 Gold Truck Symbols 8 16 24
Any 3 Bar Symbols 4 8 12
1 Gold Truck Symbols
On Reel Three
2 4 6


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