Book of Pharaon Slot Jackpot Opens to Give a Lucky Player €182,000!

An Italian man had what is presumably the luckiest break of his life when he won a massive jackpot playing the Book of Pharaon slot game. This was indeed a fantastic stroke of fortune for the man since the win was a Euro pooled jackpot. The lucky slot player who got to bank the huge win was playing the slot game from his computer. The site he visited was and the huge win was achieved thanks to a relatively small wager!

The Book of Pharaon HD is a very popular slot game belonging to leading online gaming software provider World Match. This is a five reel slot with 50 pay lines and as the name indicates, it is based upon the theme of ancient Egypt. This game is available on all casinos powered by WM, and no doubt the latest win will bring in lots more players.

Regular slot players would certainly have noted that slot games from World Match tend to be very lucky. As a matter of fact, slot games from this company have already attracted four different jackpots this year. While there is no doubt that jackpots fall on a slot purely by random, and there is nothing that can be done to influence their outcome, people do like playing on slot games that seem to attract big wins! The progressive jackpots offered by this company, Book of Pharaon-one of them, will no doubt continue to attract lots of slot players.

World Match is very well known in the online gaming world and it has built a very good reputation since its inception in 2003. The company has around 100 slot games and they are all unique and well-made. For starters, these games have fabulous themes that pique the interest of players. What’s more is that, these games have excellent graphics and sound effects. Their aspect ratio of 16:9 ensures that the screen is extremely attractive. The company offers its games for mobile and desktop, and it uses the latest technology to ensure that players have a superb gaming experience.

As far as the Book of Pharaon slot game is concerned, it’s spooky atmosphere and interesting features make it very popular indeed. Incidentally, this game is very popular with the Italian slot players and it regularly features at the top of game rankings based upon frequency of use. The game also has plenty of bonus features that give bettors the opportunity to play for longer and multiply their winnings. Experienced bettors like this game on account of its wilds, multipliers, free spins and scatters. It also has a spin stop feature.

World Match has plans to release even more slot games later on this year as part of its commitment to offer lots of thrill and excitement to its customers. The company places great emphasis on studying customer behaviour and this enables it to provide innovative and attractive gaming products on a regular basis. Without doubt another punter playing this company’s progressive slot games will get lucky fairly soon. It’s only a matter of time!

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