Can You Guess What’s in Store in the Future after 2014’s Revolution in the Casino Gaming World?

The year 2014 witnessed a major revolution in the casino gaming world. The Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers (AGEM) in December, proposed in bill with an appeal to include the skill factor in slot machine games in Nevada.

It asked the Nevada Gaming Commission to permit more flexibility in the payout percentages of the game and adopt all the regulations that are needed to comply with the bill.

This proposal will encourage the slot machines that have skill-based games, arcade games and various exclusive features that need skill and knowledge.

The Chairman of Nevada Gaming Control Board, AG Burnett, openly showed his support for the bill and was happy when Assembly Judiciary and Senate passed it.

Since the bill aims at encouraging skill based games, it will improve winning chances for the players once they have developed skills required to play the game.

Thus, it will be a win-win situation for all the players with acumen.

Revenue Composition of the US Casinos

The US has witnessed a number of new casinos in the past five years. However, it is to be noted that the aid of gaming revenues has decreased as a percentage of net profits over the period of 20 years.

According to the reports, these revenues reached around making 90% of the total contribution. Gradually, it changed because non-gaming revenues exceeded like food, shows and various other attractions.

By the year 2012, non-gaming revenues contributed for more than 60% of the net revenues.

Earlier, Vegas was turning into a great attraction due to the luxurious hotels, entertainment and restaurants. Casino and hotels together earned great revenue and captivated the attention of customers from across the globe.

Since these hotels demanded higher daily rates, some of them were considered as the most expensive. Thus, the revenue from slot machines started declining from the year 2006.

It decreased from $8.4 billion to $6.4 billion. Further, the contribution from card games and table games has remained stagnant.

The Effects of Bill on Casinos

The surveys depict that customers have wafted away from the slot machines, as customers somewhere think that the chances of winning in slot machines are very less.

The winning percentage on the slot machines has somewhat increased from 6% to 6.4%. The players who were annoyed of losing money started playing other floor games.

At present, Las Vegas has 45,000 slot machines, but it is also a fact that the gaming segment is in need of more gaming ideas. The consequence of this can be the increase in arcade style games.

Effect of the Bill on the Gaming Industry

The game developers have moved to a digital segment, but the sales of software titles have decreased.

Arcade style gaming can be a huge success for the casinos. Some video game products have also been introduced by some gaming manufacturers.

In addition, the arcade games do not even require much investment and research costs. If the bill is passed by Nevada Governor, the gaming companies will take time to develop these skill based games.

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