Casino Run by Ontario State, PlayOLG Makes its Debut

PlayOLGAfter all the delays and years of planning, Ontario’s new casino run by State was finally launched last Thursday. The casino is known as PlayOLG and is regulated by Ontario’s Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG).

Lottery and Other Casino Games

The site is powered by GTECH and it offers a unique and wide range of various online casino games, which include slots, blackjack, poker, roulette and baccarat to people who are of legal age.

Apart from this, people also get an option to buy online tickets for LOTTO 6/49, LOTTO MAX and ENCORE all belonging to Canada. It also has its sights set on the future, with a plan to add bingo, sports betting and online poker to its services.


The government of Ontario has future plans regarding the PlayOLG casino, all being optimistic and they have concluded to generate approximately $475 million in the next six years.

The plan also involves in utilising the revenue that gets generated, in improving infrastructures, government projects and hospitals.

Security and Safety at PlayOLG Casino

PlayOLG consulted various other organisations within the market to give them a clear view and help them establish a safe and secure environment for their players. There is a strict age verification method, along with weekly limits, which are set by asking the player.

It is entirely up to the player to decrease the limit; however, increasing the limit is not so easy. It requires a week to cool down until you are even allowed to increase the limit. This ensures that no player goes overboard while gambling.

All the data and the material is filtered by the casino automatically, based on the stats of the players. Players who have high risk behavioural pattern get information, which is based on responsible gambling, while others receive marketing material.

There is also a break button present at the site, which the players can press, if they feel under pressure. The site will automatically redirect these players to Ontario Problem Gambling Hotline, in order to resolve their problems immediately.

PlayOLG Casino’s Future Plans

With implications in safety and security measures and predicted future revenues, everyone is awaiting to see what the future beholds for PlayOLG casino.

In fact, Ontario has become the seventh province in Canada, which has initiated online gambling. The only question that remains is, whether or not other states of Canada will be influenced by the casinos which are run by the State, especially the southern part of Canada.

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