Class 2 Casinos for Desert Diamond Casinos

Preparations for the grand launch of Desert Diamond West Valley Casino in the Tohono O’odham Nation, sometime in December is in its final stages. The promoters of the casino have big plans to launch the casino with state-of-the-art features. They are proud of presenting class 2 casino machines in their casino. And taking note of the fact that manpower plays an equally important role in the success of an online casino, the promoters of the new casino have paid much attention to hiring some of the best professionals.

Hardware Features

At the end of the long and exhaustive search for suppliers of casino machines, Desert Diamond Casinos & Entertainment have zeroed-in on the hardware designed by Las Vegas based, Konami. Desert Diamond Casinos have decided to bring in the latest range of casino products, which Konami has introduced under the brand-Synkros. Desert Diamond Casinos are confident that the complete casino management solution provided by Synkros would help them offer a better casino experience to their clients.

Synkros Services

Synkros casino solutions are popular for offering innovative and attractive bonuses and incentives to players. These incentives help the casinos lure new players and retain the existing players. Other advanced feature that Synkros provides includes the facility to quickly enrol players. Under the Synkiosk enrolment services, players are able to easily create their membership card to the casino within a split second. And even if this card is lost, the system helps the players reprint a new card so as to enable the clients enjoy the games uninterruptedly.

Class 2 Casino Machines

Class 2 casino machines have only been introduced recently. In fact, people can hardly tell between the class 3 and class 2 machines only by looking. The difference is felt only while a player uses the machine for casino games. However, there are critics of the class 2 machines too, who have been complaining that the present class 2 machines are merely class 3 machines with a new nomenclature.

Authenticity of Class 2 Machines

Another issue, which is confronting Desert Diamond Casinos, is the players’ comfort level with the new class of machines. Evidently, apprehension is widespread regarding how fair these machines would be. There are whispers about how these machines could be doctored. The issue regarding how the payback percentages of these casino machines are programmed seems to haunt some experts and many players. But in defence of the class 2 machines, the argument that is put up is that the casino machine designers would not kill their machines by providing a machine that is blatantly unfair.

The Wait for Desert Diamond Casinos

With such speculations and expectations surrounding the launch of the new casino, interest among players is obviously heightened. The meticulous planning undertaken by the management of the soon-to-be-launched casino and their methodical promotion of the event through the press have made the players excitedly look forward for the D-day in December. If you’re also based in the US, then this may be one casino that you can try getting lucky at!

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