Devastating Effects of Slot Machines Revealed-Proceed with Caution!

With the rising trend of online casino gambling, the pokie and slot addiction has also increased to an extent where it has become harmful for the gamers.

This kind of addiction is often termed as ‘crack cocaine of gambling addiction’ and is the highest type of addiction. It occurs four times faster as compared to other forms of addictions.

The slot machines can seriously affect players if they have no control over playing.

Horrifying Consequences of Slot Machines

  • Since the casinos have easy access to ATM machines, players tend to play the game until the last penny in the account is gone. Thus, it results into financial losses and despair.
  • The addicted players play not only to win, but also to escape away from worldly troubles by being with the slot machine. They play to get high and continue playing on so that they remain high.

Intermittent Reinforcement

The gambling addiction is explained through a term, ‘intermittent reinforcement’. It means that gamblers win only a few times, and they are unaware about the right hand that will pay out better.

The gambler remains stuck to the machine and keeps on playing the game one after another without having knowledge of the wins.

The random nature of the wins makes a player obsessed. Further, it has been debated that new slot machines create what is called ‘losses disguised as wins’.

The bells and whistles are played even when the player has not won even their initial wager.

Reasons for Harmful Effects of Slots

There are a number of reasons why players can get addicted to it. A few have been listed below.

  • Lights and Sounds: The slot machines have mesmerising music on winning, lights and sounds. In fact, some seats have inbuilt speakers in them, which make the players feel excited about it and take over their psyche. The new machines are very different from the older version in terms of reels and effects.
  • Slot Machine Bonus Round: These latest multiline digital slot machines offer free games and spins to the players. When a gamer starts with the game, they continue it to experience the free games and spins within the game. No doubt, bonus games pay a lot but they can turn out to be duds too.
  • Playing to Extinction: Slot machines make you play until your last pound disappears. Casino owners want people to keep playing to the extent that they become addicted to it. It is because their profits lie in people playing the slot games as much as possible.
  • House Always Wins: More you play; more are the chances of losing! Addicted gamblers keep on playing the games that does not make them win. Thus, house wins irrespective of the situation.

How to Get Over Slots Addiction?

It takes time to get over pokies or slots addiction, but it is not impossible. Smart Recovery, individual counsellors and Gamblers Anonymous are the finest ways to get rid of this addiction.

Credit counselling may also work if you are suffering through financial ramifications.

It is always better to pace out playing the slot machines and keep a track of how much you’re spending on it. If you like, you can always allot a certain amount of money that you don’t for anything important to play slots, but remember not to scramble for more when this money is exhausted!

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