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The Double Bubble slot is a 20 line slot game with a bonus round and the bubble win-line feature where players can win a 25x multiplier on the payout.

It is a highly popular game, enjoyed by thousands of players around the world, and features mainly on the Gamesys network of bingo Sites.

Where to Play Double Bubble Slot

There are a number of bingo sites that offer Double Bubble.  As the game was developed by, and published solely by Gamesys, the number of rooms that offer it is quite limited. The following are our best picks from a small bunch:

StarSpins – 200% Bonus worth up to £200 Free

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starspins logoWelcome to Starpins – Gamesys’ newest site to offer the awesome Double Bubble slot machine.  When you play at the site, you will find a load of games to choose from and a tip-top welcome bonus to take advantage of.  New players can take advantage of a 200% deposit match worth up to a whopping £200.  Simply click on the link below to get started.

Visit Starspins and claim 200% free on your first deposit.


Heart Bingo – deposit 10 get £50

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heart bingo tiki1Most people reading this will have heard of the famous Heart FM, and the brand has built on its radio station’s success by introducing an online bingo website.  It offers a wide variety of bingo rooms to play on, as well as, of course, an abundance of online slots to choose from – including Double Bubble and the all new Starburst game.

Claim a 400% deposit match bonus


Virgin Games – 200% up to £200

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Virgingames logoVirgin Is a name that is synonymous with high quality products and services, and it’s brand really does speak for itself.  Games on offer include Double Bubble slot, as well as other favourites such as Secrets of the Phoenix.  Claim your 200% bonus by clicking on the banner above.

Click here to claim your 200% bonus.

A Guide to Double Bubble Slot

Virgin Games offers its players a wide selection of themed slots, casino games, as well as a number of different bingo rooms.  Double Bubble slot features as one of the main attractions, alongside other slot machines such as Secrets of the Phoenix, Rainbow Riches, Da Vinci Diamonds and Cleopatra.

New players at Virgin Games can get a 200% bonus when they first deposit.  This money can be used to play on all slots, bingo , and bingo games.  Register for an account today.

Another site belonging to the Gamesys Network is Fabulous Bingo.  It is one of the newest additions, and although it is relatively new to the market, it has quickly become one of the biggest bingo brands on the scene.  In addition to offering bingo, the site also has some quality slot machines to choose from , such as Sun Winning Headlines, Guilty Pleasures, In it for the Monet and Fortune Temple.

Fabulous bingo currently has a promotion worth a massive 300% for all new players to the site.  The maximum bonus is £300 which is very competitive, when compared to some of the other leading bingo slot sites on the market.

One of the lesser known bingo sites  out there is Caesars Bingo.  Although it doesn’t have a famous brand like Gala, JackpotJoy, Mecca, or Tombola, if you enjoy playing slots then you will find the site very entertaining.  Games on offer include Double Bubble Slots, Houdini, and Winstones.

If you are looking for a bonus when you sign up to your next bingo and slots site, then have a look at Caesars Bingo.  New players get up to £200 free (200% bonus) and you can claim this bonus here.

How to Play

The Object of Double Bubble slot is to spin the reels and land winning combinations of the fruity symbols.  Different combinations are worth more, with the highest value win being when the combinations appear in the bubble line, where a 25x multiplier will apply.  For a full breakdown of the payout values, check out the image, below.

The game is a 5 reel games, that features 20 different win lines.  A breakdown of how to play can be found below:

  • Select the coin size.  This is one of the components behind how much each spin will cost you.  The minimum is 1p which means for every line you cover on the Double Bubble slot machine, it will cost you 1 pence.  The maximum you can play with, per line, is £4 and if you are covering all 20 lines, the total cost per spin will be £80.  Obviously, this sized wager is for players with larger cash flows than most.  To change the coin value, simply click on + or – to toggle through the different sizes.
  • Decide how many lines you want to cover.  With Double Bubble slot being a multi-line slot, with 20 lines in total, you can choose whether to cover just one, or all twenty.  You multiply the number of lines covered by the coin size, to determine how much your total bet per spin will be.  Bear in mind that the more lines you cover, the more it will cost, but the higher the chance there is of you winning.  To change the number of paylines, just click on one of the numbers that appear on each sites of the five reels.
  • Click spin.  The machine then spins its reels at random, with the currently chosen coin size and covered paylines, applying.  If you spin a winnning combination, Double Bubble will tell you how much you have won and will highlight the line that led to the win.  If you click the spin button again while it is in action, it will stop and reveal the symbols more quickly.  A player who wants their money to last, and a more enjoyable experience should enjoy this.
  • There is an auto-spin function on the Dubble Bubble Slot machine that can be used, by those people that want to avoid repetivie stress injuries :).  Some people though, enjoy playing multiple games at once and this feature is often used when you have more than one slot machine going on at the same time.  It is also a handy feature that can be used when you are trying to hit your deposit bonus.  For example, if you have a balance of £2000, and need to wager a further an extra £200 to meet your reqirements and withdraw, you can set the auto spin feature to automatically spin 100 times, at £2 per spin.  Please note:  the auto spin function stops when the bonus round is activated and that you can cancel it any point, to resume manual spinning.

Feature Bonus – the Bubble Pop Bonus

The bonus feature is activated by spinning a bonus icon in on reels 1, 3, and 5.  The bonus screen will appear with three bubbles with question mark symbols on them.  You simply choose which of the bubbles that you want to pop, and you will be awarded with your bonus prize.  This bonus round appears quite often, therefore the prized aren’t huge.  Having said this, you can win up to 400x the value of your selected coin size.


  • Spin.  To spin the reels, click on the spin button.  This literally sets the game in motion.
  • Auto Start/Spin.  Here you can choose how many auto spins you want there to be.  If you want to sit back and watch the screen without clicking each spin, then choose the maximum , which is 100.
  • – and + buttons.  These change the coin value which in turn determines how much money you will be betting per spin.  Click on – to reduce the coin value and + to increase it.
  • Bet one.  By clicking this button, the machine sets it so that you only select one pay line.  This is normally for the people that want their money to last as long as possible.
  • Bet Max.  This will enable all paylines to be activated, increasing your chances of winnings, but costing you more in the process.
  • Line Numbers.  On either side of the reels there are numbers.  You can select which lines are covered by clicking on one of these numbers.  1 is the minimum, while 20 is the maximum

Our Opinion Of the Double Bubble Slot Machine

If you are looking for an easy to pick up game, with frequent payouts, and colourful graphics, then Double Bubble is certainly worth a look.  The game is ageing slightly though, and it shows.  Other slot machines offers free spins and exciting bonus rounds that make you feel more involved with the game (Hulk Slot for example).  Double Bubble, however, misses a trick with this.  Having said that it is very popular and a great introduction to the world of slots.


Double Bubble Slots is a colourful blast of fruits where the common symbols are plum, orange, grapes, melon and cherries, among others. This is one of the most exciting games in the Gamesys group of slots.  Wins happen often, due to the fact that there isn’t much of a bonus round to write home about.  While other slots have numerous bonuses and features, Double Bubble really only has the one, which is covered above.  There is the Bubble Line where mulipliers can come into play

Double Bubble Logo Symbol

Whether it’s single bubble or double bubble, everything depends on the size of the coin you choose. One has to bet on 1, 2, 5 or 10 pence for double bubble. The payouts solely depend on the multiple of the stack. You need to zip through the coin sizes and make your choice about the coin size you are comfortable with. Please note your winning stake only depends on the coin size.

Double Bubble logo is such a symbol, which has the highest payout. It is capable of paying up to 20 times of the coin size. They are handy for another vital reason. They can be used for other symbols as well. However, this does not hold true for bonus symbols. To complete a winning combination, the double bubble logo plays a very important role.

Bubble Line Bonus Feature

Under the reels, the coins with the bubble symbol are passed to a separate window. If the symbols chosen come out in a combination that matches with the winning one, the player wins the bet. The amount is decided by the multiplying the number of lines a player has won. It is multiplied by 22 if the player has opted for all the lines.

Bubble Pop Bonus Feature

On receiving 1,3 and 5, on the reels the popper game is rewarded. The coin sizes increases according to the number of winning lines. The final amount gets added to the account of the gambler. The final amount consists of all other bonuses that a player might have received from other bonus rounds.

Bonus Bubble Symbol

The bubble bonus game only starts when three bubble symbols appear after a spin. The reels that come into function to start this bonus are 1, 3 and 5. All you need to do is to unravel the bubble and find out the value of the multiplier. The amount that comes out from the bubble increases the size of the coin and thus, your total earning increases in the process.

Sites Where You Can Play

Double Bubble Slots are offered by many online gambling platforms. Ladbrokes for example gives a gambler the opportunity to enjoy the game. The joining bonus is decent too. It gives around $20 as part of the special joining bonus.

Sun Bingo is another platform, which runs the double bubble slot for its players. Although the joining bonus is not as high as the previous one, you can still end up getting a £10 bonus on joining. The good thing about this platform is that you are eligible to receive a bonus for your second and third deposits too.

Slot Machine Playing Tips and Strategies to Leverage Your Winning Skills at Double Bubble Slot

In order to enhance one’s winning chance; one should have proper knowledge of a wide range of slot machine tips and strategies. Winning a slot game is based on mastering simple playing strategies, which makes your gaming experience bliss and adds the pleasure of increased payouts.

There are two critical factors for ensuring a win in slot games. The first is imbibing certain simple playing strategies, which ensure that one plays the slot game correctly and maximises wins. The second strategy, which is more crucial, deals with money management. A solid money management strategy is a key leveraging tactic for keeping your bankroll positively balanced and ensuring that for every dollar bet, the maximum amount of entertainment and winning is derived.

Knowing the Game

The first rule while playing a slot machine game like Double Bubble is always to have an in-depth knowledge of the pay table of the game. This is very important from the point of view of garnering the maximum number of jackpots. In some slots that are connected to jackpots, the player has to bet the maximum number of coins and credits and arrive at the winning symbols to get the jackpot. Nothing causes more heartburn than to realise that $100,000 could have been the winning instead of only $1,000 if one more dollar had been bet. The same rationale can be applied to slots offering free spins or bonus features meaning that the customer does not have to lose out on a few spins. A proper understanding of the gaming environment enhances the entertainment quotient.

Maximum Bet

It is always advisable to play at the maximum available bet. In other words, this translates to the maximum amount of credits or coins per spin. One needs to debunk the myth that the outcome of a spin is impacted by the bet size. The exception to this rule comes into play when playing multi pay line slots games that have more than three reels like Double Bubble slot.

The biggest bankroll can be reduced on these slots by max bet. A player with small bankrolls should look for games with a max bet of two coins. The other alternative is changing the coin slot from dollar slots to quarter games and ensuring that max bet is less than one coin in the dollar game. Max bet is the best option for progressive slots for winning the jackpot. The absence of a max bet can make a player miss out on a jackpot, even when he has hit the right symbols.

Varying Bets

Though varying bets can be a preferable strategy on all slots, it is not advisable to adopt it while playing progressive slots. A player should change their bet size rather than sticking to the same amount of coins and credits per spin. Adopting this method can ensure a higher win multiplier without the use of too much money. If the player’s luck is on the positive side, they can hit winning pay lines while on a higher bet. This move proves effective for machines, which offer free spins and bonus rounds like Double Bubble slot as the player can get free spins at an increased betting level than one’s usual betting range.

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