Enjoy Playing Some of the Luckiest and Top Slot Games at Online Casinos

Top Slot GamesMany slot games offer a similar payout percentage to players, yet some games become more popular than the others. The popular slots are known to pay more often than the other slots and therefore, they produce more winners than the other games.

Cleopatra and Deal or No Deal are two of the favourite and most popular slot games that are known to have higher frequency of payouts.

Deal or No deal is known to have the highest single payout prize with over 1 million given to players. On the other hand, Cleopatra is popular as players are aware of the high frequency of payouts and enjoy the game much more!

Though there may be some statistical data that backs up the claims of payouts made by these games; as players, it can be tough to know for certain how much returns any game can deliver. Therefore, these claims are highly based on anecdotal evidence rather than anything else.

Deal or No Deal Slot

One of the most striking features of Deal or No Deal slot is that it is one of the few games where players can get an opportunity to hit the progressive jackpot without betting the highest stakes.

One of the primary reasons why this game is so popular is that unlike other progressive jackpot games, players get a chance to win progressive jackpots as per their stake levels. This means that there is a jackpot prize waiting for all kinds of wallets and budgets!

Cleopatra Slot

Cleopatra slot was initially introduced as a slot machine in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here, it became highly popular among players and later was introduced as an online slot game for online casino players.

This game is extremely attractive and is based on a high payout rate, offers generous bonus symbols, progressive jackpots and free bonus rounds as well.

As the number of players playing the game increases, the jackpots also increase and therefore, the number of winners also increases!

Cross-casino Progressive Jackpots

Earlier, the amount of the jackpot was limited to the amount of bets placed on a single slot game. Since cross-game jackpots and cross-casino jackpots have been introduced, the prizes have drastically increased.

A cross-casino progressive jackpot is a term for a cumulative cash prize where different online casinos and players contribute towards a large total jackpot prize.

Some Famous Cross-casino Jackpots

One of the best examples of this is the Marvel’s jackpot. Other than the movie characters and comic-book features in the game, it also offers a large jackpot that increases with each wager placed on the game across various casinos. This combines all the stakes into one large jackpot amount.

The Mega Jackpots from IGT is also a huge progressive jackpot that is offered across three games – Cleopatra, Monopoly, and Cluedo slots.

Remember that playing progressive slots does not assure that you will win the jackpots time and again. Also, in order to qualify to play for the jackpot, players are required to place the maximum bet. Hence, the risk also increases!

Try to opt for games that offer big jackpot amounts within your stake levels where you have a chance to win maximum rewards. Above everything else, don’t over exceed your budgets while aiming for high progressive jackpot slots.

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