Exciting Features that Transform a Fruit Machine from Good to Great!

Fruit MachinesYou will find many interesting fruit machines in the online casino world with different themes and varied features. However, the one striking aspect that differentiates a slot game from the others is the bonus round in the game.

It adds an element of excitement to the game and makes it unique and enjoyable on a completely different level. Every fruit machine is usually designed in a similar manner, so, it is the bonus games that actually sell the game and encourage players to try new games.

Getting Help

With so many online casinos offering an array of fruit machines, it can get quite confusing for a new player to understand how to pick and where to play.

In order to make things easier for players, a number of online sites dedicated to online fruit machines have been developed that cater to the needs of players who specifically enjoy fruit games.

What’s more is that, there is a guide on every fruit machine out there with information on how to play and tips that will help you win more money while playing these fruit machine slots.

Importance of Bonus Games

Many famous fruit machines have gained popularity solely because of their striking features and marvellous bonus games.

Rainbow Riches Slot

One such example to consider is Rainbow Riches slot, the number one fruit machine in the UK. With its Road to Riches bonus feature, they have captivated players in a fantastic way wherein players need to collect three lucky Leprechaun hats.

This gives players a real chance to win lots of cash, while playing this slot game online. If players are able to sustain themselves for a longer time in the bonus feature, then they will get an opportunity to win £500 and more on their initial stake.

This is a great motivation for players to increase their original stake and win more as well. This game also includes gold symbols, which literally signify a person’s collection of riches as the symbols must be collected while playing the game.

There is a Wishing Well symbol that can also reward you with cash prizes. All these symbols showcase the importance of luck in the game.

Moneyspinner Slot

Though the name of the game is related to money, it doesn’t make players rich without the bonus feature. Coins are the symbols of wealth in the game and silver coins guarantee a win in every single spin, which gives players the perspective that it is impossible to lose. There are also some gold coins, which will give you extra spins in the game, further, increasing your chances of winning loads of cash!

The Autospin is another feature in fruit machines that gives them an added advantage. Though it does not increase chances of winning, it makes the player’s role easier and they can sit back and enjoy the game while the reel spins automatically.

Slot games are present in abundance at all online and offline casinos. Fruit machines are a popular aspect of the slot games since they are vibrant, exciting and give a lot of rewards to all players. With the bonus feature, these machines become even more attractive and they form the backbone of the success of any slot machine.

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