Find Out Why Travelling Via the Pittsburgh International Airport will Never be the Same Again!

Passengers at Pittsburgh International Airport can expect a better way to spend their time while waiting for their flights. Yes, you heard it right!

Nick Kotik, the State Representative, D-Coraopolis mentioned earlier in the week that he wishes to introduce a bill permitting the international airports in Pennsylvania to install slot machines.

These machines can be installed in secured places such as the boarding area. The bill is expected to generate in the next two to three weeks.

Mr. Kotik also wished to discuss the ways in which the 12 casinos of the state can thrive in the times of cutthroat competition from surrounding areas, especially Ohio.

He made these remarks at a state House Gaming Oversight Committee hearing at Rivers Casino on the North Shore, which shows his determination to get the bill generated and approved soon.

Reason for the Installation

In the words of Mr. Kotik, this idea is going to support Pittsburgh International to a great extent. Since it is having a tough time in attracting the attention of more flights and airlines, the introduction of slot machines will come as a silver lining.

Note that, this struggle started right from the time when the US Airways dropped its hub in 2004. To add on, if this new change produces good revenue for the airport authority and attract other airlines, then it will be fully worthwhile.

He adds that legislation is in its early phase and will be first implemented to the six international airports of the state. Later, it will be expanded to other arenas.

The issues of number of machines to be installed and the situation of revenue are still being debated. Mr. Kotik believes that the revenue generated must remain with the airport authority only based on Federal Aviation Administration regulations.

However, the revenue can also be used to render incentive in order to attract businesses to establish them on airport land or get the airlines started in the state.

The officials of River Casino call the proposal intriguing, but emphasised to study it in details. He adds that some more time will be taken by his team to evaluate all the pros and cons and the ultimate benefit.

The 75-minute Hearing!

The 75-minute hearing at the casino ended up with some crucial decisions. The partnership with River Casino and The Meadows Racetrack was considered to be beneficial.

To add on, the state gaming control board still has an option of awarding a third resort license. It can be awarded in two years, but the Attorney has urged to eliminate it.

The Executives at Caesars and Borgata casinos have remarked that the players who are registered to play online are less than 15%.

This means, there is an overlap and they are on a mission to recruit new players. Further, River Casino supports the introduction of games requiring physical skill.

The goal of the entire debate is to bring about the best in the state that can benefit both the state and airports.

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