Game of Thrones Slot

game-of-thrones-slot-logoIt’s been a long time coming but finally Microgaming has released the much anticipated Game Of Thrones slot. Despite the build up and hype around this game it certainly hasn’t disappointed us, as is often the case after a major build up leading to something of an anti-climax.

So what is it exactly that makes the Game Of Thrones slot such an enticing prospect from players? Well, the first and most obvious reason is clearly the popularity of the TV show which will attract players to try the game out initially. However, what will keep us all playing are the stunning graphics, themed music, and a wide variety of features to keep us all immersed in our gaming experience. Not only this but the frequent wins which the game offers, keep your attention focused as there is never too many spins between wins.

When playing the game you get to choose between 243 ways to win or 15 paylines on the 5 x 3 reel setup. The crisp graphics will not disappoint as you spin the reels looking for wins and a number of side games which includes the free bonus spins. To gain access to these bonus spins you will need to land 3,4 or 5 of the scatter symbols. You then get the option of choosing which house from the TV show you want to go with, including Targaryen house, Stark house, Lannister house and finally Baratheon house. Depending on the house you select you will be given a differing number of free bonus spins to play with. The more free spins you choose the lower the multipliers will be and vice versa. Personally, we select Baratheon house for the lowest number of spins but the biggest multiplier, which works out as 8 free spins 5x multiplied.

Another feature that we like but which is not perhaps suited to us all is the option to “gamble on” after a winning round. This can be done by selecting either heads or tails on the Braaivosi coin which will double your money if your side comes up. Again, for us being gamblers we always like to take this option and try to double our winnings though not always fruitful it certainly adds some spice to the gaming experience.

Overall, we highly recommend trying the Game Of Thrones slot out, especially if you are a fan of the TV show or the books. It has all the components that make up a thoroughly enjoyable slot game and although we found the bigger prizes somewhat elusive we did however become impressed with the frequency of smaller to medium wins which will no doubt keep anyone playing this slot on the edge of their seat.

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