Grandparents win Lion’s Share at MGM Grand, Las Vegas

Call it luck, call it destiny or call it whatever you may like!

Professional gamblers who have spent 20 years trying to win the jackpot at the famous slot machine, Lion’s Share in Las Vegas have failed miserably, but this wasn’t the case with this elderly couple, who decided to give it a try and it was bang on.

Not only did they win the jackpot, which is worth a staggering £1.4 million in total, but also broke the jinx of this famous slot machine.

This couple, who come from New Hampshire and have been together for many years, took only five good minutes to hit the seven-figure jackpot, leaving many professional gamblers confused.

Walter and Linda Misco had previously read an article about this favourite slot machine, Lion’s Share online. They instantly took a decision to try it out with a £60 bet.

Walter, who is a 66-year old retired businessman, was encouraged by his wife Linda, who recommended him to play that night. While professional gamblers were busy trying other machines around at MGM Grand, this couple decided to go with Lion’s Share.

Three lions showed up in a row, to make this couple win the seven digit jackpot. Soon enough they found themselves surrounded with reporters and questions. When asked about the money, the couple replied, that they would spend it on their grandchildren’s college fees. A new car was in their wish list too!

MGM Grand then decided that they would retire this famous slot machine. One of the Directors of MGM Grand, Justin Andrews said in an interview, “There was always a line of guests waiting at the machine for their chance, as they knew the jackpot could change their lives, everyone seemed to enjoy their time. We’ve also seen guests bonding with each other, while standing in the line, and the slot staff too had a lot of fun with them.”

When asked about the machine he replied, “The jackpot could have hit anytime, this month, next month or maybe next year, there are no odds, since it was a slot machine, it could have happened anytime.”

The couple was also congratulated on winning the jackpot by Scott Sibella, who is the president of MGM Grand!

Some interesting facts about Lion’s Share that you need to know…

  • Lion’s Share was the oldest machine, which was active at MGM grand.
  • It was a custom made machine, which was built in the early 1990s, but had never hit the jackpot.
  • Since it had never hit the jackpot, it soon became everyone’s favourite and people started waiting in lines for their turn to try their luck at this machine.
  • It took the couple five odd minutes, to hit the first and only jackpot on Lion’s Share.
  • They decided to bet £6, which was soon converted into a seven-digit figure.
  • The machine became so famous, that its story was mentioned in the Wall Street Journal, which added more to its popularity.

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