Have You Ever Thought About Betting on Horse Racing or Playing Slot Machines? Which One is the Better Option You Reckon?

If you are a gambling aficionado, then you will definitely have plenty of options to choose from.

It has to be admitted that the options are so many that you can easily get confused when having to make a choice.

Horse racing and slot games are practically on the opposite ends of the gambling spectrum and you might be hard pressed to choose between them.

In case you are wondering which type of gambling is best to stick to, then there are two ways in which you can answer that question.

The simplest way to choose between gambling on horses or playing slots is to go with your preference, especially if all you are looking for is a bit of entertainment.

If you enjoy the atmosphere of horse races and like to study the bloodlines and training patterns of horses, then you would definitely have a great time betting on them.

There is a lot of beauty in a horse race, as well as grace and athleticism. However, lots of people are simply not interested in watching horses race or studying their past performances.

Slot games are great if you enjoy seeing the brightly lit up screens with attractive images spinning on the reels.

You can also play them for as long as you want, unlike horse racing which is pretty much time bound.

The other way to make a decision is based upon the economics of playing either option in case you also want to get the maximum possible gambling for your money.

The way to go about this is by checking the payback given by each casino or game.

You can play slots on land-based casinos (this category also includes riverboats) as well as online casinos.

The payback offered varies according to the state in which the casino lies, but this only applies to the minimum payback. Many casinos actually offer better payback than the mandated percentage because this enables them to attract lots of customers.

Therefore, the payback for casino games such as slots varies from 70% to 95%. Savvy casino goers are able to shop around for casino incentives such as free meals and other benefits in order to bring down the costs of playing the games.

Betting on horse racing doesn’t have many of the cost advantages of playing slots. The takeout is never more than 15% and in many cases, it is even lower than that.

There are practically no freebies offered at horse racing venues, and so there is very little chance of getting additional benefits.

At the same time, if you are a very good handicapper then you can increase your chances of placing winning bets on races.

When it comes to slots, there is absolutely nothing you can do to increase your chances of winning because it is purely a game of chance; the symbols that appear on the reels are determined by computer chips and it is not at all possible to predict the combinations.

Choosing between slots and horse racing finally boils down to what combination of features of each game/sport appeals to you!

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