Hawaii Airport to Install Slot Machines

Slots Hawaii AirportIn an exciting addition to the already popular Hawaii, a state law maker wants to involve airports with slot machines. Cindy Evans, Rep, presented a bill last Friday that would facilitate departing passengers from the country with slot machines to enjoy.

The facility is likely to be presented only for international passengers. The simple goal for the representative is to increase the revenue of the airport by providing entertainment to the international travellers.

Ms. Evans was heard saying that there would be concessions for the store that opts for this business and that it would be a business, which would be very similar to something like a restaurant. The transportation department would manage the whole affair should the bill go through.

The slot machines will be known as amusement concession. They will be placed in secured areas of the airport.

The only catch here is that to play in these casinos a player needs to present a ticket in order to prove that he is going outside the United States. This is a proposal, which is unlikely to hit the Las Vegas or other casinos in the States. The whole motive of this exercise is to let only those players try the service that possess an international ticket.

Highlighting the revenue, Evans reflected that 85% of the revenue would go to the States. The rest of the 15% would account for the concessions that are extended to the travellers. Concession also includes payouts or winnings of any sort. This move would ensure that the State is not liable in any way.

The Minister is hoping that this bill could bring in millions of dollars for the state and the same fund would go to the revenue fund of the respective airports to repair and modernise their facilities. However, there are people from the government who are quite doubtful about implementing the whole concept.

Travellers, on the other hand, have mixed reactions to this proposal. When asked a bunch of travellers about this facility, some found it extremely exciting and entertaining, while some were sceptical about the scope of such facility on the island.

While some passengers were heard saying that this would give the island an added attraction like many other countries, some doubted whether an ultra modern concept like this would work in the island where tradition plays a very key role.

Post the installation of these slot machines and their response will only be the judge of how successful these slot machines prove to be in the future.

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