He Used Pigeons in an Innovative Experiment and the Results were Astonishing!

There was a time when slot machines paid out only 3% of the entire plays. However, times have changed and the same percentage has increased to as much as 45%.

It does not mean the players are earning more money and getting wealthier. The player may win often, but only small amounts.

B.F. Skinner’s Work

The reason for the above argument is that casinos are scaling up on behaviourist B.F. Skinner’s work.

Skinner has become popular with his new experiment of pigeons. No doubt, it sounds really interesting and unique.

He put pigeons in a box and then offered them bits of food the moment they pressed the lever.

However, Skinner later changed the box in a way so that the food pellets came out randomly when the lever was pressed.

The result was that the pigeons in the second experiment pressed the lever more often. Therefore, this was known as Skinner’s box.

It is a fact that nobody wants to lose often. Players get frustrated and annoyed when they keep on losing.

Nonetheless, people do not want to win too often or too big in their sub consciousness. This may be an unaccepted truth, but is nonetheless, a shocking fact.

It is simply because a giant win puts a pause on the player’s interest to play more. When you win big, you tend to take the money and leave without needing to try some more games.

About the Recent Slot Machines

Slot machines have today conquered the casinos. Players have got habitual to commune mainly with their iPads and smart phones.

They simply want to sit back, relax and activate the lever like that of Skinner’s pigeons. In recent decades, the percentage of the floor space that is dedicated to slot machines has increased.

This percentage has elevated to about 25% in the past 40 years, as the interest of casino gaming has augmented.

The details of a casino are data driven and it is to be noted that most of the slot machines have TV show themes. This is because casino wishes to make players familiar with the game and arouse their interest of playing.

They target the players who are a diehard fan of a particular show by presenting the game with the same theme of the show.

Big and Small Wins

The typical gambling day-tripper may be glad to hear that casinos in Las Vegas still have comp rooms and drinks.

They have much more for the big spenders, but they consider small time players to be more crucial for them.

The players who earn in small amounts tend to visit more often and try new games on their each visit. On the contrary, the players who win big at Vegas tables hardly return back to the casino to play more.

They keep the cash and walk out with an intention to not visit the casino again for at least a week or fortnight.

Therefore, the players with small earnings on a regular basis tend to make huge revenues for themselves as well as for the casino.

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