Is it Possible to Predict When a Progressive Slot Machine Hits?

Progressive JackpotAs a matter of curiosity and in the hope of hitting the jackpot, players often wonder whether it is possible to know the exact moment, time or the situation of the progressive slot machine and when it is likely to hit big.

Different People, Different Theories…

There really isn’t a way to know this, but different people have different theories regarding this with several odds of playing continuously.

According to some people, the most definite sign that a progressive slot machine is almost hitting is when the machine’s jackpot has come to a level, which is extremely high. They tend to believe that some player will definitely hit almost immediately seeing such a big jackpot score.

Unfortunately, this theory is not how it is expected to come up and is also not entirely true. It is not necessary for the jackpot to hit because the slot can go further higher on a greater jackpot value to give someone else the opportunity to win the desired millions.

This is because more stakes will attract more participation of players, which is similar in almost all betting games, and that automatically increases the odds of some player getting a really great jackpot prize.

Also, the progressive slots have a computer system generating the progressive jackpots for each slot machine randomly. So, it is practically not at all possible for anyone to define the moment or time as to when the machine will hit a jackpot.

Trying to Predict the Big Hit!

But don’t be disheartened, as people have been raving about another guaranteed sign, which is believed to crack that moment of knowing when the progressive slot will hit.

The method here takes a lot of time and you need to be very patient for the same. The method is simple though, where you need to continuously visit the best casino of your choice for some days to observe the progressive slot machines closely.

While doing this, you need to keep a count of the machines with high payouts and those with lower payouts. You also need to monitor the ones, which pay frequently and those that don’t. This method can be executed by players who have a lot of spare time and those who are very serious about their gambling.

Is there a Foolproof Way?

There is no particular way for anyone to know when the progressive slot machine hits. Even the people working at the casino can’t foresee the exact time.

Of course, they are more knowledgeable and experienced with the slot machines, but they cannot determine a guaranteed hit time. A slot machine is likely to hit whenever, and the stakes can be the lowest or the highest at that moment, with either one player or many players winning it.

This is solely because the computer is not biased and gives a hit whenever it prefers to, with nothing that can be done about. It’s programmed to randomly generate wins and losses.

So, have fun playing these progressive slots in land-based casinos or at home playing online slots comfortably, rather than stressing on finding methods and tricks.

In fact, it’ll be all the more interesting if you play the slot game for fun and entertainment, but land a progressive jackpot win in the process!

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