Konami and Metal Gear Solid

Unlike what the popular perception has been about Konami’s future plans, the Japanese giant in gaming continues to foray in to the lucrative video gaming market. Konami, which has a rich tradition of being associated with toys and games over the years, has successfully carved a niche for itself in the video gaming sector. Yet reports from various sources over a period of time seemed to suggest that the company had revisited its plans for the future and that the company may quit the gaming industry.

Konami Registers Big Boss

It thus, was a surprise when news emanated about the company registering the Big Boss trademark. Konami has been offering the popular series of Metal Gear games for a long time now whose central character is referred to as the Big Boss. Therefore, Konami registering the brand has gained huge coverage in the media as this has set off speculation of something big emerging from the company. The trademark registration has not been only for video games, but it has also covered spheres like pachinko and slot games.

Metal Gear Solid 5

Konami, on its part, has revealed very less about its plans thereby, setting off massive speculation in the market about what the next move of the company would be. With Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain having been launched only a few months ago, it looks like more info might crystallise once the Metal Gear Online is released. In addition to the products, which might be rolled out by Konami in the near future, what is holding the interest of one and all is the future of Hideo Kojima in the company. Fans of Metal Gear Solid, however, are waiting with crossed fingers as a Konami manager has declared that the franchise would continue even in the absence of Hideo Kojima.

Tapping the Potential Markets

The introduction and spread of smart phones have turned the gadget driven industry one dimensional, with all day-to-day activities being routed through the smart phones. Assessing the edge smart phones have over all other gadgets today, all manufacturers and software designers are tuning their products and services in relation to the smart phones. Now, as Konami has registered its Big Boss brand among other platforms on the smart phones, fans and analysts are anticipating the release of Konami games for smart phones. Yet another possibility being visualised is the introduction of pachinko games on digital mode, since the profits the pachinko games have yielded to Konami are well known. Thus, it would not be surprising for the fans to see the Metal Gear Solid games in the pachinko variation sooner than expected and enjoy the game on their smart phones.

More Pachinko Games

Another popular game that could be adopted in the pachinko mode is likely to be Castlevania. Though no traces of Castlevania were seen in the Tokyo Game Show, which was conducted recently, it is still assumed that the game would be released before the end of 2015.

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