Ladbrokes Casino is a Popular Haunt Among the Online Casino Players! Find Out Why?

For someone who is a professional gambler, the name Ladbrokes definitely rings a bell. The UK-based betting website is one of the leading exponents of the betting industry today. They not only own more than 2,000 shops, but also have a successful online website. The online website offers a range of games and also a casino. Ladbrokes uses Playtech software for their operations.

Playtech is also one of the most established providers of the gaming software. The graphics and visuals of their games are excellent and provide a wholesome gaming experience. They have added the facility of a live casino, which attracts a lot of players as well. You can also play the games on your phone as well. You have the option of downloading the app and then gambling on your phone or tablet.

The website is easy to navigate. The top bar has tabs that lead you to casino, games, Vegas, in-play, exchange, mobile and more. If you click on the casino tab, a range of games will be displayed. You can choose and play the one you desire. There is also the option of a live casino.

Games on Offer

There are a lot of games on offer. From casino games and slots to Vegas and roulette, there is a game for everyone. Ladbrokes is especially famous for table and card games. They also specialise in offering innovative slot machine games. Some of their most popular slot games are Cleopatra and Book of Ra. The casino section also offers a range of gaming options. From traditional roulette to fancy slots, you can play anything under the sun.

Customer Care Support

The customer care support at this online bookmaker is pretty good. The customer care representatives are efficient and competent. The only disadvantage is that sometimes the staff takes a little longer to reply. You can opt for the option of a live chat too. There are options for calling and emailing your doubts to Ladbrokes as well. It is advised that you read the FAQ section understand the games better. Also, it is recommended to go through the terms and conditions section of the website, so that you are well aware.

Promotions and Bonus

There is a simple three-step procedure that makes playing games a lot easier at Ladbrokes. First you need to sign up by filling all your personal details, then you need to activate your account and lastly you need to deposit a minimum amount into your account, for which you’ll get a first-deposit bonus. Their promotional offer Sunday Market provides a range of free prizes and discounts. For games such as slots, you can get 15 free spins and bonuses of different amounts for several games.

Cashing Out

Making deposits and withdrawals at Ladbrokes is an easy affair. The transactions take place in a couple of hours. Another advantage that Ladbrokes provides is that the transfer between different products can happen without any hassle. If you have won money in the casino, you can transfer it to play sports as well. Some of the options for depositing and withdrawing money are PayPal, Ukash, Neteller and more.

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