Ladbrokes to Sponsor the Rugby Football League

Ladbrokes Guidelines Version 7.inddLadbrokes is all set to wear the hat of principle sponsor for the Rugby Football League Challenge Cup. The company has signed a deal with the league, which stands good for three years.

The new deal will kick off from 31 January 2015. A whopping 78 teams will take part in this year’s Challenge Cup. The multi channel gambling operator will replace Tetley’s Brewery who sponsored the event for the past few years.

Sponsorship Provides Visibility to Ladbrokes

When it comes to visibility, Ladbrokes will get a huge mileage. The company can expect close to 1.6 million people in the UK to witness the league, according to last year’s TRP data. This is the number of people who watched last year’s final game hosted on BBC1.

Along with BBC, Sky is a major broadcasting partner for the event too. Both the channels together can give a real push to Ladbroke’s dream of continental exposure.

Details of the Deal

As per the deal, Ladbrokes will receive hundreds of hours of TV coverage. It will also feature in the headline of each rugby related bulletin at all stages of the competition.

However, the masterstroke has been the introduction of Ladbrokes Player of the Round award. This will definitely be beneficial for the company in terms of PR.

Message from the Senior Management…

Richard Glyn, CEO, Ladbrokes has a very strong opinion about the popularity of rugby. The CEO feels that the game is becoming extensively popular around the globe and Ladbrokes as a company will extend its hands to support the game in spreading awareness and helping it at the grass root level. The huge fan base of Ladbrokes will also help the League to increase the excitement level of the audience.

Christ Rawlings, Commercial Director, RFL has said in a statement that this partnership is exciting and that it would go a long way in making this league a super success.

Rawlings also stated that the partnership is a great value addition in terms of commercial portfolio and that it is going to be great mix of two giants from different sporting avenues.

Responsible Gaming

Besides sponsoring the event, Ladbrokes will take up the job to educate their players, fans and support staff about the importance of responsible gaming.

This is going to be an initiative, which the company expects will give them a lot of mileage. Awareness about responsible gaming is a stance, which Ladbrokes has stood for years. This might be the perfect occasion for them to portray what the company stands for!

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