Latest Windows 10 and WhatsApp Updates Impact on Online Gambling

Impact on Online GamblingWhatsApp, the popular messaging app has finally rolled out its web version. The users of this network have been anticipating this move for quite some time now. This move will let millions of users access the popular messaging application through their laptop and desktop.

Interestingly, WhatsApp rolled out the web version after its competitor app, Telegram did the same a few months earlier.

There are a few limitations…

While this move has been much applauded by the WhatsApp community, there still exists some severe limitation.

The biggest drawback is the fact that at the moment the web version can be accessed only through Google’s Chrome browser. Perhaps the biggest limitation is the fact that Apple users cannot access this service since iOS is not supported.

Amusingly, WhatsApp call this apple platform limitation. This is a little tricky since most of the other platforms such as Windows, Android, Nokia S60, and Blackberry are supported.

If you need to get connected to WhatsApp, all you need to do is access chrome through any one of the compatible devices.

There is only one QR verification post, and you are good to go! In order to do this, you need to install the latest version of WhatsApp. Of course, it goes without saying that a user needs to be connected to a network in order to access WhatsApp.

Updates of Windows 10

To make the tech community even happier, Microsoft in its latest press news has stated that it is going to provide free update of Windows 10 to its existing user base that have been using Windows 7 and 8.1.

The update is also going to be provided to Windows phone users. This update is going to be free of cost for the first year. The price of the latest software, however, has not been disclosed by Windows.

Some of the features, which are going to be available in the latest Windows 10 version, include functionality tweaks like functional return button and notification centre improvement. Microsoft is also going to introduce its digital assistant. It is a feature, which can take instructions through voice and text queries.

The Gambling Apps Integration

To make the gambling community ecstatic Microsoft Windows 10 may integrate gambling apps to its latest software. This is an option through which users can directly use popular app and gamble from their system. Winner casino app for instance is overcoming many hurdles to make their app available on many platforms.

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