Lose Your Dollar-A Profitable Slot Machine for Bellagio Resort

Lose Your DollarThe Las Vegas Bellagio resort is enjoying a robust traffic from its hit set of games. The company official was quoted as saying that they are happy with the steady form of revenue that the casino is generating.

In particular, one slot machine has been extremely popular among slot lovers, in spite of explicitly guaranteeing that a player will lose no matter what. Surprisingly though, this slot has grabbed tremendous attention among slot players across the country!

Aptly named, Lose Your Dollar, 48 of these machines have been installed in the casino a few weeks ago. A placard has been stationed in front of all the slot machines, which notify in big bold letters that a player has got absolutely no chance to win a penny in this slot. The same message is repeated in six languages.

Kelly Ambrose, one of the representatives from the casino has informed the press that the company is happy with the response it is getting from the customers. In most cases, slot machines offer heavy odds for a player.

This is perhaps the first time in history that a slot machine has cut out the whole equation of winning as a whole. People are actually finding it a thrill to see their one dollar go by without anything in return.

This particular slot machine has a simple design with a grey colour casting. As soon as the handle of the slot machine is pulled, a player sees the message, Loser, informing them that they have lost their money.

There are no winning scenarios in particular, and the slot machine is capable of taking a denomination, which is as high as 100. The game can be played in multiple currencies.

Bellagio representatives have confirmed that there is a huge demand for this slot. People of all ages are thronging at the casino gates to experience this new machine. Even the slow hours are filling up due to Lose Your Dollar slot.

People are playing this game with the hope that there is a huge jackpot and that they stand a chance to win it. One of them has already lost close to $750, but is still willing to give this slot a chance.

If this similar pace continues, this casino is going to move forward with the innovation. The company is planning to launch a new roulette with a similar concept in mind.

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