Making the Right Choice Between Online Poker Tools and Online Poker Cheats

Online PokerAn online poker player has multiple choices to improve their game and have a better chance of winning. While some of these are legal and helpful, others are a red signal and illegal.

Online poker tools are one such device that is legal and will definitely help you in enhancing the game’s outcome. Any device that will assist you during the poker game can be a tool. For instance, notepad, calculator or any other software that can be used before, during or after the game.

On the contrary, an online poker cheat is any software or program that is banned, which is technically illegal to use in an online poker room.

Online poker robots are also a banned citation that is usually a subset of online poker cheats. Though it may be tempting to look for poker cheats and use them, you need to remember that it is not a safe practice when playing online poker.

Where is the line of cheating really defined?

For a new poker player, it may be difficult to define the line between cheating and taking help. The best way to know what is considered cheating and what is not, is to read the Terms and Conditions of the poker room you are playing in.

When you create an account in a poker room, you agree to their terms and conditions and therefore, if using an online poker cheat is considered cheating as per their rules, it is certainly illegal. Cheating can be divided into three parts as listed below.

Data Mining

This is usually where a particular software or a program gets information about the history of the hands in the game, which can be used during or after the play time.

In a normal course, it is considered okay to get information about the hands that you have played, but if you are getting information about hands that you haven’t played, it is considered illegal. Robots are usually involved in the method of repetitive data mining.

Card Prediction

Many programs state that they have managed to break the code of the random number generator in the game. However, it is important to note that such programs are illegal and it is unlikely that this may work.

Automated Play

If a program takes a player out of the loop of play (if a complete hand is played without any click by the player), it is considered illegal. An automated player is also called a robot.

The Use of Tools and Cheats in Online Poker

Since online poker tools are legal, they are growing at a steady rate. 17% poker players are known to use these tools. Cheats are also growing at a fast rate, but once a poker room understands that a cheat is being used, they install counter measures. Currently, less than 1% of players are using cheats.

There are various options available to make the playing experience easier for an online poker player in terms of poker tools. It is literally in the ‘hands’ of any player to pick the right one and enjoy the game!

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