Multiple Ways to Read a Slot Machine Perfectly and Enhance Your Chances of Winning!

reading slot machinesWhile looking at the huge variety of slot machines available, you may think that they are all same and work alike.

Like every other person, you may also get captivated with those flashing lights, coin slot and handle while overlooking the other crucial information about it.

A certain criterion must be kept in mind before planning to play on a particular slot machine. Note that, not all slot machines are same and you need to know the way to read the machine perfectly.

The Different Types of Slot Machines

The Multiplier Machine

In this machine, you will notice that it pays out only for a specific symbol and the number of coins you have played multiplies it.

For instance, if the multiplier machine renders you five coins for a symbol when playing with one coin, it means that you will get 10 for the second coin and 15 for the third one. The best part is that there is no penalty on not playing the maximum coins.

For the ones, who wish to play only for a single coin, multiplier is the best machine.

The Bonus Multiplier Machine

The working of this machine is almost similar to the multiplier machine. The only feature that makes it different is that on playing the maximum coins, it offers a bonus and you can get a chance to hit the giant jackpot.

However, you need to be smart enough to decide whether the bonus is worth playing the extra coin or not?

The Multiple Pay Line

As the name suggests, this type of machine possesses more than a single line of play. With every coin, you can activate a specific line, but you must note that nothing will be gained on hitting a winning combination on an inactivated pay line.

Earlier, the slot machines had only three lines, but with the changing times, the current machines can have up to nine lines.

The Buy-a-Pay

Most of the gamers are unable to comprehend these types of machines. Here, a different pay line is activated with each coin and maximum coins are required to hit the jackpot.

For instance, while playing the ‘Sizzlin 7s’ machines, you will be paid for cherries, sevens and bars. The sevens pay around 1,000 coins and on playing one coin, the gamer can collect only on the cherries. On playing two coins, you can collect on bars and cherries. Hitting the jackpot with just one coin will not award you with anything.

The Progressive Slots

Here, a specific amount of money played is taken and is added to the pool of highest jackpot. Some of the machines that are linked together to render a huge jackpot include ‘Quarter Mania’ and ‘Megabucks’. The gamers must not play a progressive slot with less than maximum coins.

Whenever you sit to play on any slot machine, explore the entire information about it. All the details and required information about the machine is posted on its front.

It will familiarise you with the machine and will make it easier for you to play on it.

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