New-age Slots Successfully Merge Gambling with Video Games

Duck DynastyThe day will soon come when slot players in the United Kingdom will be able to play a slot machine and get the same satisfaction as playing a video game, because that is what casino slot developers are targeting now.

At a recent gaming expo in Las Vegas, the idea to integrate the experience of playing video games like Angry Birds, Scrabble and Battleship with traditional slot games has received a positive response. The target players would be those who have grown up playing video games all their lives.

Gamblit Gaming displayed some stunning examples of this kind at the annual G2E Global Gaming Expo at Las Vegas. This California-based company had slot games like Lucky Words (similar to scrabble) and Raze on display for the world to see.

Edvard Toth, studio head of Gamblit Gaming, explained that they wanted to rope in players in the age bracket of 21 to 45 with such games, in addition to Police Pooches (the dog-version of Angry Birds) and Dreadnaught (similar to Battleship).

Jean Venneman, vice-president of product licensing for Bally Technologies, was also at the expo with similar slot games, which can capture younger generation’s fancy with TV reality shows themed slot games. Some games displayed here featured 1970s Wonder Woman and the cast of the extremely popular TV series, Friends. Duck Dynasty, a game based on the reality TV series of the same name was also on offer.

Traditionally, 40 to 50 year-old women are the ones whom slot developers have in mind while designing casino games. They shy away from experimenting more with slot games for the fear of shooing away these women, who like to keep and play it simple!

Adding thrill and complications of a video game can be a deterrent to them, which is why giving it the shape and feel of a slot game works well. Also, if simply pulling the lever at the casino or hitting the Spin button on the screen didn’t look appealing enough to the younger generation, then these new slot games open up a whole new world for the tech-savvy people out there.

Toth explained how it was difficult to find a balance between luck and skilful gaming. Since casinos operate on the ‘lucky day’ motto, while video games award the most skilful player only, a balance had to be maintained between the two!

Once players prove their skills first, they get rewarded by a spin of wheel or a roll of dice – anything which brings in the element of luck.

Gamblit is also eager to enter the United Kingdom market, where real money will be wagered by the players based there.

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