Online Blackjack-A Complete Guide!

Online BlackjackTalking about casinos-online or land-based, blackjack is an exciting gambling game, which is very popular and is loved by gamblers all over.

The basic blackjack game play involves playing opposite a dealer and the player has to aim on getting a higher value hand than the dealer’s. But the player has to be careful to not go over 21.

Although at the land-based casino blackjack is widely played with real money, online casino blackjack can be easily played for free providing many exciting free perks.

Playing free online blackjack allows you to comfortably take a tour of the game and rules. You can acquire knowledge and understand the tricks and techniques of the game. Playing for free also lets you practice as much as you can and work on your gaming skills.

Once you are confident about your playing and strategies, you can start playing blackjack with real money and win big.

Advantages of Playing Blackjack in the Demo Mode

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of playing online blackjack for free.

  • The primary benefit is that while playing a free trial game, you become aware of the rules and understand the game better.
  • All the tips and rules are specifically stated when you play online.
  • Furthermore, you can practice until you’re confident to start playing with real money.
  • When you are sure about yourself, you can bet with real money and the free game practices and strategies are sure to help you big time in beating your competitors.

Learning about the blackjack odds is one of the best strategies to win. You need to take a call on when you need to hit or stay. The blackjack odds tables and charts are the best way to decide this too.

Rules of Blackjack

Blackjack is a simple casino game where the dealer gives two cards to you and keeps two cards with him. Your cards will be face up, while only one card of his will be face up.

You need to decide whether to hit or stay, depending on the cards you get and the dealer’s card. You can ask the dealer to raise the value of your hand by adding cards.

Hand values are calculated by adding the value of total cards. The value of numbered cards is similar to their face value, while face cards hold 10 points.

The Aces are given 1 or 11 points. Once you are content with the points in your hand, you can ask the dealer to reveal his other card. If his hand reveals 17 or lesser points, he shall add a card too. The winner is decided after calculating the hand values.

Playing blackjack for free is not a difficult task. You need to choose an online casino that provides a free downloadable version of blackjack and you are ready to go.

You can play a trial game, practice, form your strategies and start playing with real money. Once you have got all this, blackjack betting, both online and at land-based casinos will be a cake walk for you!

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