Online Casino Apps Making Their Way in to the Mobile Gaming Market in Full Speed

Online Casino AppsOnline casinos are transitioning in to the mobile gaming industry at a rapid pace. As more and more players are looking for options on the fly, the traditional mobile version is making way for real money-making online casino apps.

Apps vs. Traditional Mobile Platform

With the ever-increasing advent of smart phones and tablets, more and more companies started developing mobile compatible versions of their website. This is a practice, which was followed by casino makers too.

However, the popularity of apps through smart phone changed the whole landscape. Now an increasing number of online gambling companies are adopting apps instead of mobile compatible website. There are two distinct advantages of this approach.

  1. It is easy and extremely fast.
  2. The ease of playing the game without having to go through the various intermediate processes makes the whole experience of online gambling delightfully simple.

Of late, most online casinos have started developing their own app through their in-house team of developers or simply by outsourcing it.

The Legal Concern

The publishing of mobile app in the app store has had its own share of controversies in the recent past. This has been mostly because of legal and bureaucratic issues.

A glowing manifestation of such an act was the removal of Ladbrokes and William Hill app from the app store. Although Apple reflected the issue in the name of ‘admin error’, it simply suggests that authorities are watching apps such as these.

That being said, Apple fixed the issue in a record time too. This, however, can quickly change with many countries working on various law amendments to legalise betting.

Players from the UK, for example, can use apps and gamble legally so as long as the app issuer is fully registered with an accredited agency with the right credentials.

Quickness and Accessibility

It can undoubtedly be stated that like many other industries, the world of online gambling too is moving to app-based platform. While this may take some time, it won’t be very wrong to say that the transformation has already begun.

To cite an example, Winner Casino’s latest mobile app is a very good example of the future. This is an app, which is available in most app stores and is compatible for both iOS and Android devices. The app performance is really fast and can be installed in a jiffy. You can play a whole range of games such slots, live dealers, sports betting and much more through its app.

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