Online Casinos that You Don’t Want to Be Associated With!

Online Casinos to AvoidGambling at online casinos come with their own advantages. Not only are they able to offer lucrative promotions and deals to their members, but they are also home to a large variety of games. Toggling between the different kinds of games is quite easy too!

What’s more is that, the jackpots that they can offer are much higher compared to their land-based counterparts as their overheads are lower.

Since there are scores of websites out there all claiming to be the best and offering some extraordinary deals, how do you avoid the worst of the lot?

Stay Away from Bad Grammar and Typos

An online casino who’s not bothered to correct/check the content that’s being displayed to all the people out there can tell you a lot about what to expect from them. No legitimate business in their right sense will take a chance with such shoddy display.

When you spot tons of spelling errors and bad grammar, that’s your cue to go as far away as possible from a disaster waiting to happen!

Avoid Online Casinos that Spam

No one likes spammy emails that literally force you to take action even when you’re not interested. How many times have hit Delete the moment you see a too good to be true offer?

The same applies with online casinos as well. If they are continuously sending you newsletters or emails that you’ve never subscribed to, they may not be who they say they are. Although not all are illegitimate, it pays to be a little cautious when dealing with such websites.

In fact, if you search a little in the search engines, you’ll easily be able to get results that identify a particular casino as spam or blacklisted.

There may be casinos that were blacklisted earlier, but have managed to clean up their act and are not really unlawful anymore. But why take a chance with a casino that has a ‘been there, done there’ tag?

Misusing Logos and Fair-play Seals

Don’t fall for fancy or similar sounding names. Ensure that ‘ethical commissions’ and ‘authorities’ really exist.

The most reliable is the eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA) accreditation. Look out for this seal on the sites to confirm their genuineness.

Horrible Customer Support

Well, you can’t really judge this one until you sign up and actually contact customer support. But there are a whole lot of forums out there that can help you figure this out.

A lot of people who’ve had bad experience with let’s say, Casino A, will voice their opinion online. So, you can easily look at what everyone’s saying and make your decision based on that as well.

There may also be one off cases where the customer support is not really bad, but a particular customer has had a bad experience. So, this doesn’t really point to inefficient customer support.

Free Email Accounts

Casinos that have you need to avoid like the plague are the ones that use Gmail or Yahoo services for their emails.

Usually, a casino’s email account will feature its own name as the extension and not or For example, let’s say the name of the casino is Casino A. Their email IDs for any kind of correspondence needs to be or

By keeping these few helpful pointers in mind; you can avoid casinos that haven’t had a great reputation in the past and stay safe.

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