Online Gaming Continues to Gain Popularity in the UK

Online Gambling UKAccording to a recent report by App Annie, there has been a tremendous increase in the percentage of spending on online casino games on iOS platforms by Apple in a span of only one year from November 2013 to 2014.

The current net worth of the online gambling industry is considered to be around $2.7 billion. A fascinating fact is that most of the revenue, which was earned, was from social apps of casinos that do not actually encourage online betting!

Another report by App Annie also states that the online gambling industry will exceed the $100 billion revenue mark by 2017. If you compare that with console and mobile gaming, their revenues for the year 2014 were $55 billion and $21 billion respectively.

Increase in Revenues of Cards, Casinos and Dice Apps

For various cards, casinos and dice apps, the revenues have increased outrageously within a year. Card game apps have seen a 50% hike in their revenues within the same period. The value of card game apps was estimated to be around $150 million, while the value of casino apps was estimated to be around $100 million during November 2014.

Google Play reported an increase of around 105%, taking into consideration both casino and card apps.

A special part of the report emphasises on the fact, which explains how easy it is for mobile apps to get new players and users, who may have otherwise not used the platform.

For example, around 50% of the total users who joined PokerStars in 2014, logged in through their mobile devices. Mobile platform is of equal importance, since it is indirectly contributing to the online gambling industry, being an extended platform of the same.

UK has proven to be a unique and better market for online gambling app developers from all over the world. The main reason obviously being the legality of online gambling in the UK. Due to this, the app developers have realised the UK as their favourite market and it is also their first market, as they wish to get decent revenue before shifting to other markets such as Australia and Ireland.

More finances mean more fun apps and introduction of special features, which make the slots a better competitor, when compared to slots from various other countries in the online gambling market.

It does not matter if players are investing real money or not, even if they are playing for fun, players in the UK are spending more time playing online gambling games.

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