Online Slot Games to be Customised for Different Asian Markets

Mathias Larsson, founder of XIN Gaming had some insight to give on the developing online slots industry in various parts of Asia.

Online gambling is big business in Europe, America and Australia, with online slots games making up a big chunk of this industry. Asians, however, do not play a lot of online slots games for a number of reasons, although they do have a fondness for various types of gambling. As of now, Asian players can mostly be found patronising live casino games and over the last 10 years they have contributed sizeable revenues to casinos that offer these games. The online gaming industry is therefore, relieved to see indications that Asians are increasingly eager and willing to try out online slot games. Incidentally, Asian participation in online slot games has seen a sudden spike since the previous year.

The gaming industry is looking to the younger generation of players from Asia to drive the increased demand for online slot games. These players have a great deal of experience playing video games since computer and mobile games are extremely popular here. As a result, they are not particularly interested in the concept of live casino games. Instead, they are eager to understand what slot games are all about, and this familiarity results in the desire to play them more often. The problem that new players face is that they don’t always understand what is going on, especially on account of the absence of live dealers in slot games.

According to Larsson, gambling companies will have to work really hard to build their reputation in the different markets that comprise the Asian region. Furthermore, each market is considerably different from the other. Therefore, gambling companies cannot utilise the same strategy for each of these markets. These companies will also have to put in a lot of effort to build their respective brands in Asia so that their symbols are recognised and trusted.

XIN Gaming has a clear cut strategy in place to enable it to develop and capture the Asian market for online slots games. The company develops games for individual companies, making sure that certain national characteristics and interests are incorporated in each game. For instance, games meant for the Japanese market have an element of manga and anime in order to make them more attractive. While these themes might not necessarily be popular in other parts of Asia, they will be quite effective in China as well.

Another interesting factor that is unique to Asia is that games have to be small enough to load quickly. Games meant for the European market can be quite bulky because of better connectivity, but these do not work very well in Asia because they get interrupted very often. The emerging boom in smart phone and tablet use should also be taken into account, with games being designed so that they work perfectly well on a variety of PCs and mobile devices. It is fair to say that XIN Gaming is well on its way to building its business in Asia.

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