Overpaying Slot Machines and Missed Reward Points Tops BCLC’s Error List

BCLCA list of technical glitches affecting business at B.C. Lottery Corporation (BCLC) in the last four years has been made public and it seems the company’s bumpy ride is here to stay. A total of 22 snags in a four-year period have cost BCLC millions of dollars, though it has not always been bad news for gamblers.

For instance, two slot machines in Nanaimo would not stop paying the bettors big money, before the incorrect settings were discovered, according to the list released by Gaming Enforcement Policy Branch in Canada’s Prince George city. But by then, BCLC had paid, or rather overpaid, up to $150,000!

Another instance of an over-paying slot machine was discovered at the Treasure Cove Casino, where the jackpot amount was hiked manifolds due to a technical error. Though the jackpot amount was $250, gamblers playing on this particular slot machine were winning jackpots of $5,000.

Due to this, BCLC confirmed on Wednesday that they ended up paying their happy customers a little over $48,000 between February and July in 2012 before the error was fixed.

BCLC’s faulty slot machine had, as recently as last year, paid a woman a jackpot 100 times more than the permissible amount. Though the biggest gambling company had later admitted to checking and fixing more than 100 slot machines with technical problems, this one took the cake.

BCLC is no stranger to losing money due to such major technical faults. The biggest till now by the company, according to the Vancouver Sun, is the $518,141 payout to its players who were not able to accumulate their bonus points.

A software malfunction caused almost 2,898 players to let go of their bonus points over a period of two years (from 2012 to 2014). This setting defect was detected in March 2014 and BCLC was forced to go through their internal records to compile the missing bonus points.

According to a report compiled by the Gaming Enforcement Policy branch of the Canadian government, BCLC had sent letters to all those 2,898 players to inform them of this glitch. BCLC ended up paying the huge amount in points, which included a 10% extra bonus.

BCLC has time and again stressed on the ‘integrity and functionality’ of their slot machines, but such software malfunctions continues to bring misplaced happiness to some and misery to others.

Justifying their slots, the company issued in a press release, “Since it’s a technical environment, errors are inevitable. In fact, these numbers only represent a very small percentage of the overall millions of transactions that occur in casinos each day.”

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