Play Craps Like A Pro-How to Enjoy Yourself Shooting Dice?

Craps are probably the easiest and most fun table games to play at a casino. This is also a very exciting game, especially if a ‘hot shooter’ is having a good time with the dice.

However, most novices are hesitant to give them a try because they think the game is too tough for them. If you also haven’t ever played this game for the same reason, then you’ll be glad to know that playing craps is actually quite easy.

Once you get the hang of it, then you’ll probably want to keep playing it.

In any case, it is best to have a very good idea about any game you play before you actually wager any money on it.

Choosing the Right Spot To Play From

The craps table will generally be crowded on account of the game’s popularity, so you’ll probably have to squeeze in if you want to have a go at it.

Even so, it is best to find a table that already has eight players or so. Wherever you stand, you only need to throw the dice onto the table past the stickman who has a stick used to push the dice when required.

Your throw should make the dice tumble first and then hit the tables’ opposite wall. All new shooters are selected clockwise. In case you plan to play, then you need to place a bet first.

The boxman will offer you a pair of dice to choose from, which you have to take using your shooting hand, and permit you to shoot when the stickman gives a go ahead.

Experiment with Different Shooting Styles

While you need to throw the dice carefully to avoid them falling on the floor, you need to try out a style that suits you the best.

  • Choose your throwing position depending on which is your throwing hand. Most people prefer to throw the dice sidearm with the palm facing upwards. While some people opt for the most comfortable style, others are pretty superstitious and use a style that might have helped them earn money on an earlier occasion. Shooting sidearm isn’t always practical, especially if you are on the table’s short side from where the distance to the opposite side is very long.
  • A backhand toss is useful when you need to send the dice very far. This throw is best done by bending over the table’s edge and keeping your hand as close to the table’s surface as possible. Shake the dice well keeping your palm facing downwards and send the dice flying with a strong flick. You’ll need to avoid hitting the chip stacks with your dice and this can only be managed if you practice well.
  • A lob is a simple, yet classy throw that you can achieve by flicking your wrist upwards and perhaps by bending your midsection slightly. You’ll need to hold the dice firmly, but gently to avoid lobbing the dice too high.

Controlling the Dice

Some people actually prefer to hold the dice in specific ways because they feel that this determines the outcome of the throw. Regular players have favourite ways of holding dice in certain combinations and between specific fingers.

Frank Scoblete, a dedicated craps player and best-selling author has outlined various techniques to be successful at the game. His book, Golden Touch Dice Control Revolution is a must read for anyone who wants to be good at the game.

So, the next time you visit a casino, use these tips to play craps. It’ll help you make some good money, while having fun as well!

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