Playing Slots at a Casino? Etiquette Tips for an Overall Enjoyable Experience!

Casino EtiquetteSlot machines at casinos attract never ending streams of players for the simple reason that slots are enjoyable, easy to play and fairly lucrative.

This is very much a solitary game and it’s very common to see players deeply engrossed in the game of their choice.

This doesn’t mean, however, that there are no good etiquettes to be followed since the slot machines are very much part of a casino that caters to huge numbers of people every day.

Knowing what these rules are will help you have a great time since they will keep you out of potentially embarrassing or difficult situations with other people or the casino.

#1-Stick to One Machine

If you see that the casino is fairly crowded, then stick to one machine. It’s a lot of fun to play multiple machines at the same time, but depriving someone else of the chance to play is inconsiderate.

In fact, many casinos put up signs requesting guests to use only one slot machine at a time. You should also avoid keeping a seat occupied just because your companion wants to rest there without playing.

#2-Find Another Machine

If you see that someone has left a personal belonging or even a coin cup on any one, then find another machine.

It’s clearly understood all over the world that the person has reserved that machine for his or her use. Most often you’ll find that the person has a very good reason to do this such as taking a bathroom break or rushing off to get additional coins.

In case you are the person who has left the object to reserve the slot machine, then explain the reason graciously to the other person when you get back. If the casino employs attendants to do this job, then don’t forget to tip the person when you are done.

#3-Don’t Watch behind Someone’s Back

Don’t edge up to another person to study their game. People hate having someone look over their shoulders and it’s no different at the casino.

#4-Don’t Smoke in a Crowd

Remember that not everyone likes the smell of cigarette smoke. In case you cannot do without cigarettes, and the casino permits smoking, then try to avoid blowing smoke in any person’s direction because many people dislike the smell.

#5-Don’t Use Another Player’s Card

In case you come across another player’s card in the slot machine that you plan to use, then simple manners dictate that you leave the card on top of the machine, while you carry on playing. The owner of the card might come back looking for it and this will save everyone a lot of trouble.

#6-Always Tip Attendants

Don’t forget to tip attendants whenever they provide you a service, and especially if you have won quite a bit of money that necessitates the attendant bringing you the cash in person. In any case, most people feel generous after winning money!

Your trips to the casino will definitely be enjoyable, whether or not you want to be sociable, if you take care to follow these etiquettes.

After all, it is fairly obvious that the casino will be a pleasant place to visit only if everyone behaves with consideration and decorum. So, remember to be polite and kind when dealing with other players even if they are not because you don’t know their reasons for frustration!

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