Progressive Slots  

If it is the chance of winning a mega sized jackpot payout or possibly a life changing jackpot you are looking for each time you log into an online casino site then without a shadow of a doubt you should be looking to play the Progressive slots.

In fact, over the years the way in which these types of high paying slot machines award their jackpots have changed from all recognition. The help you make sense of just what types of Progressive slots you can access and play online we have each type listed below along with an overview of what they all have to offer you.

3 Reel and Classic Progressive –  There will be nothing to complicated about the way 3 Reel and Classic Progressive jackpot paying slot games work and operate, for due to the design of these types of slots you will simply need to line up the jackpot symbols on the payline to be awarded with the respective jackpot payout.

However, when playing Classic progressive slots there is usually a requirement to play the maximum number of coins on its one single payline to have any chance of winning the jackpot, and often on multiple pay line 3 reel progressive slots the progressive jackpot is usually only won when you play maximum paylines and get the jackpot paying combination lining up on the highest numbered payline.

Random Jackpot Slots – Some video slot games will award a progressive jackpot completely at random at the end of any paid for spin you have sent into live play, there are several of these types of slot games available online some of which offer two different jackpots instead of just one of them.

Usually it doesn’t matter at what stake you play them for you will still have the chance of winning a progressive jackpot at random even if you play for low stake amounts.

Bonus Game Awarded Progressive Slots – Microgaming. Playtech and NetEnt have a wide range of video slot games on which you can trigger some form of bonus game which will then see you being guaranteed of winning one of several progressive jackpots once you have played off that bonus game.

The bonus games can include a simple wheel spinning based bonus feature round or you will come across slots offering progressive jackpots via a pick and match or pick and win based feature games.

Standard Progressive Video Slots – There are of course some fairly standard progressive video slot games that you will have access to online on which you will have a chance of winning a large valued progressive jackpot.

All of the major and leading casino game designers will have several of these types of slots on offer, you will often find they come with a fixed coin playing structure and the jackpot are often only ever awarded to players playing maximum bet spins, so when playing any of them always check to see how the jackpots are won and play the slots accordingly!


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